4 personalized wooden keychains gift ideas

Vograce wood keychains industry continues to get big, really big. We have expanded and invested in machinery and now we can create a new personalized product that we know will give a lot to talk about.

Some natural custom wood keychains are made one by one in an artisanal way. And also, personalized to create the perfect gift for those most special people: couples, parents, uncles, friends, grandparents…

They are such beautiful and original designs that make you want to hang them anywhere: for house keys, to give life to that travel suitcase, or to personalize a backpack… 

Wooden keychain – “family”

Each member of the family has their role. This model is designed to be able to personalize each keychain with a date, a name, or an adjective and thus finally create harmony for all the members.

Wooden keychain – “hexagon”

A modern and elegant design personalized with the name and the phrase that you indicate… imagine: the name of your partner and below, engraved that phrase, a message or your special date… imagination to power!

Wooden keychain – “perforated initials”

A more minimalist model, but with a lot of strength. A perforated initial and an engraved phrase: something that identifies your friend, an important date, a place, a telephone number, a question…

Wooden keychain – “your logo here”

Do you want to have a memory of your wedding? Send us your logo and we will engrave it on the wooden keychain. The perfect way to have the most exclusive and unique keychain in the world.

The perfect gift to give to those most special people, at a wedding, a birthday, this Christmas… Or simply to give a message to whoever you want. A useful, practical, and very very special detail.

Find the perfect keychain

Among the many options available for promotional material, laser engraved wooden keyrings are a great gift. They are useful and practical and the person who wears them will always have your brand or company in mind.

Types of wooden keychains

The personalized custom wood keychains are made of a noble and pleasant to the touch material, highly resistant that will denote a distinctive feature to your event or company. There are many options on the market such as plastic or metal, but wood is special because it will make each engraving last over time thanks to the laser technique. At vograce, we know the importance of giving customers quality products.

What added value do our wooden keyrings have?

It is an original and different product, ideal for your customers to carry their keys. At vograce, we offer you an interesting range of custom wood keychains for all tastes that you can offer at events, fairs, advertising, and promotional campaigns that will surely capture the attention of potential customers.

How are the keychains personalized?

There are several laser engraving customization options. From registering the logo of your brand or event to the possibility of writing a motto or reason.

With what technique is my company logo printed?

To print your company logo we use the technique of laser engraving. In this way, we guarantee a quality and durable product.

What woods can I choose?

In the vograce catalog, there are various types of wood to meet the needs of the client. From solid wood to much lighter bamboo keychains that also allow a great degree of personalization and engraving.