5 Top Trading Platforms 2022: Best Stocks App Guide

Are you considering getting into the world of trading? Then you will find this best stocks app list very helpful. Trading platforms allow you to buy and sell shares and exchange-traded funds with no commission.

These platforms allow you to access your trading account, research investments, enter orders to buy and sell quickly and track your portfolio mobile. They are offered by brokers and let you do the same things you would do from your online account portal on a desktop or laptop.

So if you are looking for a means to take an active role in managing your portfolio, you might be interested in this best stocks app guide. We have selected our five top mobile platforms for you by looking at key factors that make them stand out.

1. Charles Schwab.

This mobile trading platform made our best stocks app lists due to their no account minimums and zero recurring fees. It’s a perfect all-around choice for traders. With Schwab, you can choose any investment account that you want.

This platform is made for beginners and experts with a no-fee automated advisor on portfolios. Their dashboards are easily accessible, making viewing account, position, and balance seamless.

2. etoro

They are on our best stocks app lists for trading due to their easy usage and their comprehensive range of investment plans for customers to pick from.

This platform is sleek and well-designed, with over 20 languages to reach more people. They offer you access to over 2000 assets, including currency pairs, exchange-traded funds, warrants, and indices.

3. Interactive Brokers.

Interactive brokers are huge in the investment space, seamlessly delivering their products to you. They are among the best stocks app platforms offering clients minimum service fees. You don’t need to pay anything to deposit in your account, and they provide many assets to trade.

As a user, you can see fundamental data, analyze reports, and use complex order types within the app. They allow you to choose between shares, futures, and warrants, all from a single dropdown menu.

4. CMC Markets.

If you consider long-term buy-and-hold investments, then this brokerage would be your best pick. CMC offers a great way to practice long investment strategies while minimizing transaction costs.

This brokerage also offers you various educational materials such as guides, brochures, and webinars to aid your trading journey.

5. Fidelity

Fidelity stands out as one of the best stocks app platforms because of their wide range of accounts that could meet the needs of virtually any investor. They are best for new traders and perfect for clients with long-term trading plans and retirement goals.

Fidelity features standard tools that allow you to research and trade stocks. They also encourage good saving and investing habits to reach the goals you have created.


Take a moment and choose from this list of the best stocks app based on your specific needs. We are confident that you will find the right one that you have been looking for in this best stock app list. See you next time.

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