7 Tips to Help Anxious Toddlers to Enjoy Summer Camp for Kids

When any kid learns about sending to the summer camp, it is natural to show some anxiety. Summer camp for kids is organized to brush up on various skills that are very beneficial for them. The parents need to understand the importance and encourage the kids to join the camp. The kids will feel nervous about going to the camps as they will be going to stay alone there without their parents may be for a week or month and this makes them a little anxious.

But summer camps are important to make children ready for the future.  They learn self-reliance, social adaptability, communication, and cultivate independence. Their decision-making skill enhances and they learn to make new friends of their own.

Here are some tips that can be helpful for the parents in making their child camp ready.

  1. Let them decide which summer camp they are interested in. Inform them about the various activities that they are going to experience in the camps along with the environment. This will help in making a decision and enhances a sense of ownership in them.
  2. Go shopping with them. This will make them more excited about going to the camp and wearing new things. Buy them new clothes, shoes, and other essentials that will be needed in the summer camp.
  3. Stop asking them negative questions that will make them more anxious about going to the camp. For example, instead of asking “are you afraid of horses and riding over them?” ask them “do you love horses? How do you feel about them?”, etc.
  4. Do not force them for doing the things they don’t like by saying “it is important to go to the camps”, “everyone is going so you should also go”, etc. Instead of pressurizing them, listen to their concerns and explain the things which they are only assuming. This will make them feel light and encouraged to go to the camps.
  5. Have some positive talks with your kids and share your experiences about staying away from your parents. How you also managed the things in the camp without parents, made new friends, learned things, enjoyed food, enjoyed fun activities, slept on the bunk beds, shared memories, and much more. These positive conversations will help your kids in fighting with their anxiety and show some excitement about staying at the camps.
  6. You can also do a small rehearsal of keeping your kids away from you for one or two days. If you have close relatives nearby which you can trust and your kid is also comfortable living with them, you can drop your kid at their place for a few days. This is a helpful activity for both parents and kids to stay away from each other for a few days.
  7. Many parents also face the anxiety issue of sending their children away from them. But try not to show your anxiety in front of the kids. This will panic them more. Instead, show your confidence in them and tell them that they are strong and will easily be able to handle the situation. Visit Empower Camp. Travelling to Empower Camp then Book OLA Rental. Use OLA Coupon Codes to get more discounts.

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