9 Reasons Why You Should Use cTrader

cTrader has been one of the best online trading platforms in the world. The website offers fully functional trading and charting on a single screen. It allows traders to work on their stocks conveniently and efficiently. There are a variety of features and inputs that make it the best platform. If you want to trade, download cTrader and earn an extra buck. Why?

9 Reasons to Use cTrader ASAP

1. Easy to Use

The website is easy-peasy to understand. It’s simple and straightforward. It is not intimidating for beginners or too basic for professional traders.

2. Handles Your Workspace

Have a messy trading workspace? Don’t worry. cTrader has got you covered. You can take a look at your account details and manage different workspaces with many layouts helping you to be organised.

3. Various Types of Learning Access

The reviewfx.com/#/ web platform is a good place to start for beginners as it provides guides and links that educate you on the important aspects of trading. There is also a video library for better visual learning.

4. Keeps You Updated

The website doesn’t just teach how to trade but also keeps you in the know of recent global economic and financial news. The panel provides web briefs about various markets and current stock values.

5. Keep Watch

The website has a menu option that lets you monitor the watchlist of your favourite stocks. It also gives you the option of customised indication and technical trading, making you aware of the movement in your stocks.

6. Everything on a Single Screen

The cTrader website allows you to watch various stock charts of your choosing on a single-screen display. You can view any four stock charts together. There are panels on both sides offering you many different tools to help you easily work the charts.

7. Ensures Security

You can save the details of your stock history, journals, transactions, and price without any worries, as the cTrader website platform assures protection.

8. Use Any Browser

You can use any browser to trade — Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari. Work hard on any device and browser from any part of the world without facing any problems.

9. Use Your Phone

You can now track every trade you are involved in on your smartphone. The platform is optimised for large computer screens as well as smaller mobile devices.

Get cTrader on Your Phone

Want to download cTrader on your smartphone? Here’s how.

  1. Download IC Markets cTrade, and open the app.
  2. After opening, a login screen will appear where you can enter your email ID and password.
  3. Make sure you click the box that will help keep you logged in
  4. You will then be taken to the login tab, where you can observe your watchlists.
  5. If you still need help, there is a guidance option to assist you.
  6. Ensure that your name and details are accurately entered.
  7. Later, you can instantly deposit money and conduct secure transactions.
  8. You have transaction options like debit cards, credit cards, wire transfers, and many more.
  9. You can also open a demo account by filling in important details such as account type, money deposit, currency (USD, AUD, GBP), etc.

Being one of the most popular trading platforms, it promises to provide all the mentioned features without causing problems. cTrader has helped many traders easily trade online, and you can become a successful trader, too. Visit the platform today and begin your trading journey.

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