A Professional Guide To Commercial Door Lock Replacement

If you want to learn a little more about the points to take into account to make a lock change, you are in the right place. Despite the fact that you have to hire a professional to make the change, it is very important that we investigate on our own what are the types of locks, what kind of lock we have, what is going to happen once the lock is changed and which one we should choose. If you don’t know any of this yet, there’s no shame in it, the first step to learning is not knowing anything. Are you ready for a little information?

Get to know the possible types of locks.


These are the standard ones, they are used as complementary locks along with a knob or handle, they can be quite secure if installed correctly and with the quality of materials needed, since your business is not just anything, this one will always need quality. 


Simple, these should not be considered for entry locks as they are quite delicate, they can easily go in bathrooms or other areas of your business where there is little flow of people during the day. 


These are much stronger than the previous ones, they are good for patios, gates, among many structures that need to prevent access to a place. Maybe they could serve you if you have back doors or patios. 


We’re not going to lie to you, this is the best of the choices if you’re going to put it on the front or back door, they are great if you manage a large staff and need to keep a bit of control. They are compatible with other types of security systems and access controls, if you have the ability to afford it, implement it and it won’t let you down. 

The installation and the locksmith

After having seen the number of locks that exist and that can help you keep your business safe, it is essential that you understand that all the security they will provide will really depend on the installation process through which they pass. We can’t explain how it is, since each one has its own way of being installed.

No matter if it is the one in your bathroom, we bet you that it will start to fail soon if it is not done correctly. So take a good look at what you choose, the size, the performance and above all, the professional. In fact, if you choose the right locksmith, he can help you choose the right one by making a general evaluation of your business and assessing which are the weak points that need to be taken care of. 

It is important to remember that your business is your biggest investment, and it is up to you to keep it in good condition and out of the reach of thieves. Investing in changing the locks every year is fundamental to avoid accidents, as well as implementing other security methods. If you are interested in knowing which ones, you can always go to our other blogs and check out what locksmiths recommend.

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