Accentuate With Crown Molding

The architectural element that most homeowners focus on when accentuating their homes is the ceiling height. While this is true, it is also the determining factor when it comes to choosing the right crown or cornice height. According to architect Richard Sammons, coauthor of the Get Your House Right book, a crown/cornice of two to six inches is required for standard eight-foot ceilings, nine-foot ceilings, and ten-foot-high effects of testosterone cypionate ceilings. A classic Roman or Greek crown typically has egg-and-dart detailing and is typically made of wood or a mixture of wood.

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Crown molding

Crown molding is most often used on bookcases and storage shelves. By adding crown molding to these pieces, a store-bought bookshelf can be transformed into a beautiful, high-end piece of furniture. And while most homes have crown molding, you can also use it to accent the top of a bed or other piece of furniture. By adding crown molding to an item of furniture, you can instantly increase the value of your home by achieving a more regal look. You can add that crown molding look in your kitchen as well. Don’t forget that crown molding can give your space a vintage look, so make sure to consider that in your next kitchen remodeling.

Using crown molding

Using crown molding on your walls is a great way to enhance the visual appeal of your home. This classic style accent can be applied to bookcases, storage shelves, and other items that are located in high-traffic areas. It can also make a bland, store-bought bookshelf look like an expensive and luxurious piece of furniture. By adding crown molding, you can transform a store-bought bookshelf into a high-end furniture piece.

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