All You Need To Consider When Buying a Popcorn Machine

A popcorn machine is what you need to make the best pop corns and enjoy your meal. The traditional methods of popcorn making are all gone and the world has evolved now.

What to consider when buying


When you are buying a machine for home purposes, you should put the costs into consideration. Note that the popcorn machine price in Kenya does not define the quality of the machine. Be very keen on what you want and do comparisons wisely and your needs will be satisfied. For commercial purposes machines, pricesin do not matter.


For professional popcorn making, the capacity of a popcorn machine is very important to consider. Ensure that the popcorn machine you are buying has the capacity that fits your business and satisfies your customers’ needs. When you are at the start up stage of your business a smaller capacity will serve you well but if you have a big business entity you will need a massive machine

Cook time

At home level and at business level, time used in cooking must be minimized.  Everybody needs to move to other activities within the shortest time possible especially in the busy world we are in. the only exception is when you are off duty  and want to take all your time enjoying the cooking. Ensure that the popcorn maker you are getting will guarantee you speed in making the pop corns you need.

At commercial level, when you are serving a many customers you need to make pop corns that are enough within a short time to avoid running out of the orders made.

Ease of use

To enjoy your cooking and make it effortless, ensure that the machine you are getting from the market is easy to deal with. Understand how it works first before you decide to take it to you home or your business premise.

Ease of maintaining

Check that you can access all the parts of the popcorn machine for easy cleaning. However, the commercial purpose popcorn machines are a bit complicated

Stirring features

To ensure that you get the best popcorns out of your cooking, you must buy a popcorn maker with stirring features that are installed with it.

Types and how they work

Microwave popcorn machines

This type is placed in a microwave. It produces good popcorns within a few minutes accompanied with ease of use. It is made of Borosilicate glass that is temperature safe, where the kernel corns are filled to the top. The glass container is microwavable; therefore, popcorn can be microwaved without oil. Other types of this machine are made of plastic container that is microwavable.

Hot air popcorn machines

They cook using heated air. At the main compartment, is a built in fan system that ensures air circulation.The air is heated when the system is turned on, and the popper pops out cooked popcorn within a short time. This helps cook kernels thoroughly and properly. The popcorns produced are not oily and the machine allows you to choose the level of salt and butter you want to use

Stove top popcorn machines

These machines are rated highly by the uses for quality and quantity of popcorns, durability and ease of use. It has a stainless steel pot that enhances durability and ease of use. Different types of pots have specified temperatures preferred for popcorn cooking.

The stove burner is cranked to low heat, then the desired amount of kernel is added with a required amount of oil and they are left to pop. Flavors can also be added with butter to get the desired taste.


To get the best cooking experience using minimum costs of popcorn machine acquisition you need to purchase a machine that best fits your needs and the one you best understand how to use.

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