All you need to know about interior car detailing

Interior detailing of the car means the process of restoring your car’s interior to its former glory. Over time wear and tear degrades the quality of the vehicle. Car interior detailing is not all about the look but also includes other aspects. The car’s interior should have a hygienic environment with a refreshing smell to give you a positive experience. This includes deep-cleansing techniques that make upholstery, carpets, and other things in the car germ-free and appealing. Detailed interior requires lots of effort, preparation, and a standardized process. For the best results, follow the mentioned steps to ensure that no corner of the car is ignored.

What is car detailing?

The Car interior detailing process basically involves cleaning the car’s interior using a vacuum or brush. All the debris and dust are removed, upholstery is cleaned using a unique method depending upon the material of the seat, and child safety seats are correctly cleaned. Door handles, air vents, steering wheel, and all the other surfaces are wiped and polished. Keep on reading to know all you need to understand about interior car detailing.

Some Dos and Don’ts of car interior detailing

Do all the Preparation

There is no shortcut to good car interior detailing. The very first and very important step is to prepare your car properly. It is impossible to get the best results without cleaning the vehicle first. Remove all the items, like wrappers, bottles, coffee cups, etc., from the car. Segregate the things that are needed and not needed, and safely keep those essential items.

Don’t forget the buckles and seat belts

Seat belts are buckles are the items that are touched the most but often ignored in car interior detailing. Include them in your car interior detailing, as they may have stains and dust. For sanitizing the seat belts, you can make a concoction with vinegar and water in a 3:1 ratio and wipe your belts with this solution to make them clean.

Don’t forget to clean underneath child safety seats

Kids enjoy snacks on the car journey and may drop the crumbs and wrappers in the car. For this reason, children’s seats should be cleaned regularly. You should also not forget to clean underneath the seats and the creases between seats. You can remove the safety seat easily and then clean it properly. The creases can be deep cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Don’t ignore the AC Vents

AC vents need super deep cleaning, just sliding a piece of cloth over the AV vent won’t help, as you won’t get in between the slats. You can’t think of ignoring AC vents as it may lead to an unpleasant and musty smell after some time. You can use a foam or sponge paintbrush to reach every place. Ensure that the sponge you use is soft; otherwise, it can damage your vent.

While you may detail a car by cleaning the outside and inside as best as possible, if you hire a professional, then all the work is done by an experienced individual with high-quality products and the right techniques, ensuring the best results every single time. Interior car detailing services are very precise and labor-intensive; therefore, it’s best to leave this work to trained professionals.

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