Anti-rust coating inspection and oil coating

Normally, we will spray the steel to prevent rust 1 time before installing the steel structure to build the house. Once all the structures and trusses have been formed, they will be painted or spray-painted to collect the welded joints. And anti-rust paint scratched from 1 more round of work, checking the anti-rust paint coating Notice that the rust proof paint must be thick, consistent, texture is not too thin, apply evenly to every nook and cranny. Especially under the house or above the roof structure, which both points are difficult to work with. causing being neglected from the coating work

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TIP. In the case of construction in a large area Can be sprayed with anti-rust paint and does not disturb the surrounding area. The rust-proof paint finishes in the last trip to get the most polished look. Through every corner Rust Proof paint looks smooth.

It is different from using a brush to paint unevenly colored blotches. And the use of paint brushes is limited to apply evenly, such as in the C steel rail.

Galvanized steel anti-rust paint work

Galvanized steel is steel that has undergone a zinc coating process. To prevent rust from the factory When buying, just wipe clean little oil stains can be assembled into a rough structure immediately, making the construction faster Black steel that needs to be meticulously coated to prevent rust. galvanized steel Inside, we will keep specific colors, welding marks, grinding marks, scratches with gray galvanizing paint. (Different from black steel that we have to paint all anti-rust paint) The galvanized steel that shows the steel frame for building a house outside. It must be painted over the face like black iron as well.

The new formula of galvanized steel paint is both a rust proof paint and a built-in topcoat. The most popular colors are gray, black, white, and brown.

Oil paint coating work before the ceiling, floor, wall

To make it easier to paint the structure We will paint the structure of the columns, beams that are shown on the outside or the area below with oil paint first coat before installing the board. and fiber cement wood

When all installation work, floor cloth, wall, roof is completed, we will

“Collect oil paint over the face of the steel frame for one more trip at the end. before handing over the work.”

TIP : Steel frame oil paint work displayed outside **Very important But most work will not be applied thoroughly, especially under the house and in the corners that are hidden from the eyes, must apply at least 2 coats of coating to be sufficient to protect the steel frame, helping it not to rust easily…

fiber cement material

fiber cement New formula of tile manufacturing industry in Thailand instead of using asbestos, which is a lung cancer-causing agent

Fiber cement material is widely available industrial material, durable, water resistant, low price, commonly used for work. Decoration for the addition of the building as well as being a substitute for real wood

Fiber cement material is related to the steel frame knock-down house, which is used as an important material in the ceiling, wall, floor, and roof construction by using cold-rolled steel as the structure and truss.

Construction terminology is called “light wall” which is different from brick and plaster wall in that Light walls are made of steel, aluminium, cementitious, wood, etc., and covered with siding materials, wood and fiber cement board or gypsum board.

1.1 Composition of fiber cement materials

The main raw materials consist of

portland cement

finely ground sand

cellulose fiber

caused by the mixture between portland cement cellulose fiber Finely ground sand, water and by high-pressure steam autoclave processes.

1.2 Properties of fiber cement materials

  1. Strong, high impact resistance, tough, not easily broken.
  2. Water resistant, sun resistant: can be used both inside and outside
  3. Durable, termites do not eat: the material is not food for termites. because it is mainly made of cement
  4. Easy to build and convenient: continue to modify and add space. because it is lighter NCPO structure about 4 times

1.3 Different types of fiber cement materials are divided into 3 types.

  1. Fiber cement board
  2. Fiber cement wood
  3. Fiber cement roof
  4. Fiber cement board

Standard size is 120×240 cm. Smooth surface. rough skin on the back

Thickness 4/6 mm. for exterior/interior ceiling work

Thickness 8 mm. for interior walls

Thickness 10/12 mm. for exterior wall work/bathroom wall covering ceramic tile

Thickness 15/16/18/20 mm. for internal/external floors

TIS 1427-2540 : Flat fiber cement tile

Recommended truss length of exterior fiber cement board walls

truss spacing and thickness Fiber cement boards are essentially used according to building design engineers.

Tong’s distance for the load of the floor fiber cement board

Fiber cement board floors should not bear the weight that acts as a point. with a size exceeding 100 kg

On an area of ​​10 sq m.

Do not use it in wet areas. and wet all the time

to get a good weight It is recommended to cover the whole sheet. should not cut the sheet

The edge of the sheet should have a support frame on all 4 sides.

Usage Fiber cement board size 120×240 cm.

Example: Fiber cement board, size 120×240 cm., thickness 8 mm., used to make interior walls

Example: Fiber cement board, size 120×240 cm., thickness 4 mm., used to make roof ceiling

Example: Fiber cement board, size 120×240 cm., thickness 8 mm., used to make interior walls

Example: Fiber cement board, size 120×240 cm., thickness 16 mm., used to make interior floors.

Fiber cement board ceiling eaves

Standard size is 60×120 cm. Thickness 4 mm. with a 3 inch grooving pattern, wood pattern, ventilation hole pattern.

Size Width/Length/Thickness Standard

Ceiling work, fiber cement board, size 60×120 cm.

Fiber cement board, special edition

Brand SCG, size 120x280x0.8 cm. Grooving 4 inches for wall work. butt-fitting