Are Online Poker Sites Rigged?

Are online poker sites rigged? The answer is no. While some people may complain about variance, that variance is nothing more than random chance. The same goes for live poker. Instead of crying foul about the computer generated program, blame the dealer. The only difference is the way the games are played online. Here are some of the ways in which online poker sites may be rigged:

Whether or not online poker sites are rigged

The ‘whether or not online poker sites are rigged’ debate is a common myth among online casino players. Many poker sites don’t provide complete hand histories of all the poker hands dealt on the site. Unless the poker site is owned by a multinational corporation, it is impossible to know the full history of all the hands dealt on its site. The ‘whether or not online poker sites are rigged’ side of the debate expects players to take its word for it. However, players can look at scientific evidence and decide for themselves.

Online poker sites don’t have the motivation to rig the w88 mobile games. Their financial interests depend on the integrity of their games. For example, Poker Stars made $877 million in revenue from online poker in 2017, an increase of 4% over the previous year. The financial motivation of these sites to run a fair and honest game is very apparent. After all, they are the sharks and big winners of the game.

Whether or not rake back is involved

Rake back is one of the most powerful tools for affiliates and online poker rooms. The goal of rake back is to reward players and keep them returning to play. Rake back deals can range anywhere from twenty to fifty percent. In general, the higher the cashback is, the better the affiliate or end user will feel. Nevertheless, the percentage varies from site to site.

To take advantage of rake back, players must sign up for a new account on a poker website. Most of these sites don’t allow existing customers to switch to a new rake back account. In addition, existing customers should not open a second account in the same poker room. It may violate the T&Cs. Alternatively, existing customers should switch to a new poker site and apply for a rake back account.

Whether or not players have a chance at winning

Despite the fact that the online poker world has grown immensely over the past fifteen years, the legitimacy of these games still remains a point of debate. Many players prefer playing poker online over live games, but the debate over whether or not online poker sites are rigged remains a vexing one. While online poker sites shuffle their cards in a manner similar to live games, others use fixed decks, aiming to randomize cards.

The arguments against rigging w88club games are unfounded. It is much simpler and cheaper to create a legitimate random number generator than a convoluted algorithm to induce action. Such an algorithm is even more absurd if it is used for low-stakes poker games. Moreover, there’s no monetary incentive for rigging games, and anyone who’s trying to scam you will likely find other, less expensive ways to achieve the same result. Online poker sites have to adhere to strict safety regulations and do not want to risk their licenses for marginally higher profits.

How to find a reliable site

There are several ways to spot a reputable online poker site and avoid those that aren’t. Check the site’s license and year of establishment. If it’s a new site, find out which online poker software it uses, and who develops the games. Many online poker rooms have mobile options, too, which allow you to play real money games with ease. Other things to look for include the payment method the site accepts, as well as the number of registered players.


There are many reasons to play at Poker Stars, such as its variety of payment options. But beware: withdrawal limits are high, usually around $2,500 per transaction. Still, the site has an excellent reputation among players and offers many ways to play poker. If you want to play poker online, make sure to look for one that allows you to withdraw money without hassles. You can also take advantage of free rolls and other benefits of online poker sites that offer Bitcoin betting.

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