Benefits of Doing SEO for Business from Facebook

If your company or product is looking for a boost, adding Facebook as a marketing channel might be the move you need. This social media platform has billions of users constantly scrolling through their newsfeeds. They only sometimes visit websites to buy products, but when they do, they’re less likely to be on a desktop and more likely to go straight from Facebook’s mobile app. After reading this guide, you will understand more about how SEO can help improve your business profile and meet more potential customers online.

Ways by Which Facebook Improves SEO of Your Business

Increase in Organic Traffic through Facebook

Once you have set up your page on Facebook, you will be able to attract more organic traffic from people using their profiles. There are plenty of opportunities to increase the visibility of your business on Facebook, such as creating a contest and posting on groups and pages with many users. You can also mention local businesses and groups and get their likes in your posts. When they visit your pages, they might convert into paying customers. Apart from this, you can increase Facebook page likes by this method.

Share Your Content on Facebook, and Get More Followers

Facebook can help you increase your online visibility by sharing your content online. When you share the right kind of content that matches what users are searching for, those posts will show up in the newsfeeds of users who didn’t even know you existed. People who like what you post share it with their friends and expose it to even more people. The more followers you have, the more likely someone will find your page when they search for something related to your Facebook posts. This means people can be exposed to your products if they don’t even know about them before.

Use Hashtags on Your Facebook Posts

There are various hashtags you can use to get more exposure. When you share a link to a post that uses popular hashtags, the more people who will see it, the higher it will rank among other relevant results than if you didn’t. It is all about offering people useful information that they need and giving them interesting content, such as good advice, tips and helpful guides. The more people see this content, the more chances they might become interested in your business and purchase.

Engage With Customers in Facebook Groups

If you’re active on other businesses’ Facebook pages, you can use them as a source of promotion. People will think they are getting the best deals because they hear it from others, and this kind of endorsement should give your business more exposure in the long run. Like group posts, you will increase your chances of exposure if people engage with you in comments and likes.

Use Images That Tell a Story

It’s important to use well-designed images, have captions and are creative. The aim is to tell a story using pictures that make people want to read more about your business or click through to find out more. Facebook tools also allow you to create videos, so you can tell your story visually rather than just sharing a link and hoping someone will see it.

Use Facebook Ads

Another way you can use Facebook is by creating ads that target people with specific interests or searches. For example, you can use your own business page as the landing page for your adverts to increase the chances of people following through to your website. This type of marketing is a lot more effective than spending money on traditional advertising and will still reach more people than other methods.

Be Prepared To Answer Facebook Reviews

You will get more likes if you leave negative or positive comments on your page. So, respond to comments and acknowledge positive feedback as much as possible. You can also leave a short comment thanking them for the positive feedback and ask them about their business for future possibilities. Eventually, people might want to do business with you, and your company will continue growing.

Use the Right Kind of Content

Always use the right kind of content, such as links with high-quality information relevant to users’ searches and interests. There are so many updates that Google is providing, and in this scenario, it is becoming important to upgrade the quality of content. People will give it a like if the content posted on Facebook is genuine and easy.


Facebook is a great place to develop SEO for your company, as it helps increase your visibility. The more followers, subscribers and likes you have on Facebook, the higher your chance of acquiring new customers online. If we add SEO techniques to our marketing campaign on this platform, we can improve traffic to our website and turn users into paying customers.