Best Hospitals Abroad For Prostate Cancer Treatment


Prostate cancer is one one the most common types of cancer that occur in men. It is believed that almost every male at one point in their life has the Prostate cancer. The chances of having prostate cancer significantly increase after the age of 50. This is why, if you are already 50 or know a loved one who is 50 years old or older, let them know about this unfortunate cancer and get them checked.

Many people are not even aware of the symptoms and they only get themselves checked when it’s too late. The common symptoms of prostate cancer are unsatisfaction while urinating. Always feeling a weight in the bladder and pain while urinating. If you see these symptoms, do not wait for any further and get it checked. Early detection of cancers can significantly raise the chances of survival. Now, the good thing about Prostate Cancer is that it’s quite treatable even if it’s on the advanced side but not in the last stage. Treatment abroad raises the chances of survival even more because of more advanced methods of treatment.

In this article, we will have a look at the best foreign hospitals that have the best prostate cancer treatments. However, in this modern era of digitalisation, everything is made easier for humans. You can now find medical help online through Here you can find hundreds of doctors waiting to help you. To have more details click the link and read more about it. Now, let’s jump to our main topic without any further delay.

Top Hospitals For Prostate Cancer Treatments

1) Helios Hospital Berlin

Helios Hospital Berlin is one the oldest hospitals famous for prostate cancer treatments. It has been in the existence for about 100 years now. At the beginning of the previous century, Helios Hospital was the biggest hospital and with the most modern welfare. In 2007, the hospital building was transformed into a more modern look. We can have an idea about the operations of this hospital through its statistics. Every year, more than 52,000 patients and over 114000 outpatients are treated in this hospital by the most professional doctors and nursing staff. The hospital consists of 1000 beds scattered throughout the 60 specialist departments.

2) Anadolu Medical Centre

Anadolu medical centre is situated in Gebze, Turkey. It is one of Turkey’s leading medical institutions. Originally the hospital was opened as a specialized oncology centre. Later on, it was decided to turn the institution into an interdisciplinary hospital. The hospital is currently one of the leading hospitals when it comes to prostate cancer treatments. It is also widely known for bone marrow transplantation procedures. Anadolu Medical Centre has 201 beds which they take care of patients from over 30 countries with the highest standards possible.

3) Urological Clinic Munich

Urological clinic Munich-planneg is situated in the area of planneg of Munich just near the Wurm river valley. The downtown is approximately 20 minutes away from this hospital. Moreover, the railway station is also in close proximity to the hospital. The hospital came into being about 50 years back in 1970. Over the past 5 decades, the hospital transformed into a specialist centre where many medical treatments are taken place, especially the treatment of prostate cancer. This hospital treats both cases of prostate cancer tumours, whether it’s malignant or benign. The hospital has over 70 beds and treats about 4000 patients on average in a year.

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