Best Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

The best lithium golf cart batteries are those that last at least eighteen holes of golf. These types of batteries are also free from sulfuric acid leaks, which makes them the best choice for boondocking. Another great benefit of lithium batteries is that they don’t require drains or electrolyte refills. They are ideal for boondocking because they don’t need to be recharged and don’t leak acid.


There are many different types of lithium golf cart batteries on the market, but the most common is the Optima brand, which costs about a hundred dollars. Optima has been around for years and is a reputable name, so you don’t have to worry about reliability. One disadvantage is that the battery is 62 pounds, which is too heavy for a golf cart. So, you can’t just throw one into your cart.

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The best lithium golf cart batteries are designed to last up to 8000 cycles. That means that they won’t start to lose power or run slow when they’re low. The best type of lithium golf cart battery should be lightweight, and will be resistant to vibration. They should also have a high capacity, but don’t worry about the weight, it’s still light enough to fit comfortably inside your car. Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, they charge up in 1-3 hours. A lead-acid battery needs more than 8 hours to fully charge.

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