Brand Strategy: How to Become the Center of Attention at Events

A good event draws people in; a fantastic event draws a throng.

As a business owner, “okay” is not what you want your company to become, but how can an event drive you towards greatness? With more ways than ever to publicize your event, securing large crowds on the day remains a big challenge.

Social media has made it easy for companies to mobilize people to show up at events. In fact, according to Facebook, more than half a million users advertise events every month. Therefore, you need to give people a reason to show up at your event. But how can you?

We’ve listed event promotion strategies listed below to help you raise awareness and engage with people both online and offline in the lead-up to your big day.

STRATEGY 1: Help people understand all about your event.

The reason people go to any event is because they expect to get something out of it. Spending time in an event is investing time they could have spent elsewhere.

Therefore, as you invite them, ensure that you tell them clearly what’s in it for them. Communicate the most rewarding parts and be clear about what they should expect as takeaways.

  • Why should they be at your event and not anywhere else?
  • What distinguishes this occasion from others that have happened before?
  • Is it being held in a high-profile building?
  • What will they get there that is not available anywhere else?

STRATEGY 2: Begin preparations early—there is no such thing as too early!

Things that are done in a rush rarely end well. It is crucial to begin preparing well prior to the event by using an event tool kit to ensure that everything you need is in one place.

If you have images, stickers, or printed event promotions, keeping them in a folder would be a good idea. Organize everything so you can find them easily when you need them.

With an updated description and graphic illustrations of your company, you will be able to convey your story clearly. Consider your “who, when, what, why, and where.” Writing it down, revising it, and reducing it down to the most crucial elements also helps you speak more clearly and simply about your business.

STRATEGY 3: Set clear objectives for you and your team.

While there are many benefits tied to exhibiting at trade fairs, you should focus on the fundamentals of your business. Take time to think about your company goals and whether the event will help you achieve them.

Only until you’ve stated your objectives can you begin to assess your progress. And although achieving your objectives is satisfying, exceeding them is much better.

STRATEGY 4: Reward the early birds.

To spark people’s interest, you may provide a special incentive to the first 100 individuals who register for your event. These early registrations are crucial because they encourage others to come.

Reduced tickets or promotional goodies upon arrival might be used to entice them in. Even as you sample your coffee on-site, for example, when customers pick up their swag at your booth, the promise of a custom coffee sample pouch creates a terrific opportunity for tons of significant, memorable, and personal connections.

STRATEGY 5: Publicize your event on local calendars.

Include your event on local calendars. Contact people well ahead of time to increase your chances of being included in print magazines. Even though your local event calendars are available online, keep in mind that the media plan their editorial calendars months ahead of time. Therefore, submit early to increase your chances of having your event published.