Can putting ice on belly reduce fat?

It should keep what many fat reduction methods without surgery have promised: cryolipolysis is becoming increasingly popular because it leads to impressive results.

For a long time, it has been known that fat cells die off after about 30 minutes at temperatures below 4 degrees. It was only about ten years ago that a device was developed that can be used to freeze the fat from various parts of the body.

The fat cells that have died due to the cavitation machine are naturally removed from the body and cannot grow back in the treated areas.

Fat away with cold – the treatment without surgery

A particular cavitation device is used for the fat-away-with-cold treatment, which cools the fat down to -9 degrees. The treatment is almost painless and does not require any surgery.

After about an hour, the fat-away-with-cold treatment is complete, and you can look forward to a reduction in fat in the treated areas in the following weeks.

What is the fat-off-with-cold method?

The fat-away-with-cold method was first developed in 2008 at Harvard University. In 2010, the first device that made targeted fat reduction possible was approved by the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

The fat-away-with-cold method represents a natural alternative to liposuction because there is no non-surgical treatment method that achieves such good results.

With the fat-away-with-cold method, the fat pads to be treated are sucked in by the device’s applicator, the fat cells are cooled down, and the treated tissue is “thawed” after about 40 minutes using wave therapy or a massage. The body breaks down the dead fat cells over the next few weeks, and the result is visible after around 2-4 months.

Can you do the fat-away-with-cold method yourself?

Trying the fat-off-with-cold method for you can have serious consequences. Precise cooling is impossible with cool packs or ice and can lead to freezing and permanent damage to the skin, nerves, and blood vessels. The fat-away-with-cold method uses a particular device that enables targeted cooling without injuring the surrounding tissue.

Which patients are suitable for the fat-freezing method?

The fat freezing method is suitable for patients who want to reduce regular fat deposits on the stomach, hips, waist, back, arms and legs. The technique is less ideal for patients who wish to get rid of large amounts of fat. The more defined the fat pads, the better the fat-freezing method works since only small areas can be sucked in and cooled down.

Freeze away fat – what makes the method so unique?

The fat freezing method can eliminate fat cells quickly. Without surgery, neither skin, nerves, nor other layers of tissues are injured because fat cells react far more sensitively too cold than other cells in the body.

The results are excellent, and they can look back on a high level of patient satisfaction worldwide, making the fat freezing method the first non-surgical treatment to show such good results.

For which body zones is the fat-removing cold treatment suitable?

With cryolipolysis, you can not only freeze away your belly fat! They treat fat deposits in the following areas with the fat-away-through-cold treatment:

  • belly, hips, waist
  • male breast
  • thighs, upper arms
  • buttocks, knees
  • chin, back

At what temperature does the fat freezing treatment take place?

The temperature when freezing fat is around -9 degrees during the treatment. Of course, the fatty tissue is slowly cooled down, and the -9 degrees are only reached after more than half of the treatment time. The fat deposits begin to die off from as little as 4 degrees. Cooling by the unique applicator is not dangerous for the skin and the surrounding tissue as long as it is not carried out for more than 90 min.