Different Types Of Jeans For Men

Everyone loves to wear comfortable pairs of jeans. But, when shopping for jeans, the first challenge is to understand which one to buy amongst so many options available.

These days your outer look matters as it speaks about your personality in and out. To get an adoring yet comfortable look, you need a few types of jeans that will last a lifetime for you. You can wear them to any event like a lunch date, casual outing or even to your office.

Types of Jeans for Men

The following are five must-have types of jeans men should own in their wardrobe.

1- Straight Leg Jeans

Straight-fit jeans can be defined precisely by what the words mean. The silhouette runs straight from the hips down through the legs without giving any shape below the knee. Some brands even called these jeans ‘regular straight- or ‘classic straight’ jeans. Thus, these jeans are a good start to figuring out your body type and how you want your jeans to fit.

2- Loose Fit Jeans

Loose-fit jeans provide plenty of gap between the thighs and butt, so breathing space for your legs. These jeans are comfortable for men with a big waist or are big-boned. In addition, this loose fit makes you sweat less around the thighs, which can make you wear this denim for an extended period.

3- Slim Fit Jeans

Slim-fit jeans are a tight fit with a tapered leg opening providing shape to the legs. It gives a slim fit from the hip to the ankle. These jeans are great for skinny people who want to look stylish, intelligent and sleek look yet be comfortable. Compared to skin-fit jeans, these slim fits provide more room around the thighs. These jeans can be worn with slim-fit shirts and tees.

4- Regular Fit Jeans

Regular fit jeans have a mid-rise, straight fitting from the hip region to thigh and a large leg opening. These jeans have a mid-rise and a large leg opening. Men who are not too skinny, too thick, or big-boned prefer these regular-fit types of jeans.

5- Skinny Fit Jeans

Skinny-fit jeans have a clinging slim fit from the waist to the ankle. These jeans are usually worn as a style statement as they don’t offer much mobility and breathing gap between thighs and butt. These jeans are not preferable for thick and massive men, as they can be highly tight-fitting. However, these jeans are a must-have in your wardrobe if you are a fit guy. It gives you a sleek, streamlined, modern look.

6- Tapered Fit Jeans

Tapered jeans are jeans that are a blend of straight and skinny-fit jeans. It has space around the thigh area but gets tapered towards the ankle. These jeans are a popular choice amongst men. It is wider at the top but narrower at the bottom, making it the best choice for men who have bigger waists and thighs and like a more comfortable fit. Also, it is an excellent choice for men who want to enjoy a slim appearance without having to wear thoroughly fitted and uncomfortable jeans.

Hopefully, now you understand the must-have jeans every man should shop for. First, regardless of type and colour, choose a pair of jeans that enhances your appearance and also gives you comfort. Then, style your jeans with a good pair of sneakers and trendy shades to look great!

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