Do Your Customers Always Make Rational Purchases?

Customers are not only categorized into four broad categories—they are also grouped according to the sort of purchases they make.

Us humans like to believe that we only make purchases that are logical, that we are never swayed by emotions, and that we make 100% rational judgments. The fact is that this isn’t always the case; most purchase decisions we make are based on emotion.

Are you promoting your product as effectively as possible? Does the product description you use to market your offering make sense? Is it better to build a campaign that uses a strong narrative to elicit emotional responses from customers?

Rational Purchases

A rational purchase is one in which we acquire something out of necessity rather than taste. The factual qualities of the products are a significant advantage in this sort of purchase since the buyer needs to know if the product will solve their problem.

It’s an analytical purchase: the buyer is seeking the best answer for a specific problem and would not buy the product unless it was really essential.

For example, think of the last time you purchased a car battery. Did you buy it because the price was low? Would you buy two (rather than one) if the second battery was less expensive? Most likely not. This is a rational purchase since no amount of advertising would force you to buy a car battery if you didn’t need one.

Tips on Developing Rational Purchases

When purchasing such a product, it is advisable to rely only on fact-based information. The product sells for its usefulness and qualities; therefore, there’s no need to trigger a specific memory or sell a fantasy.

To persuade a customer to buy, the campaign must be conducted at the appropriate times — when the customer needs to buy, even if the concept does not appeal to them.

It is critical for businesses who operate with this kind of product or service to have a robust CRM that lets you follow up with customers and send them relevant ads at opportune moments. Because the window of opportunity is so small, only this method will allow you to capture the customer at the ideal moment.

Emotional Purchases

Even though we don’t like to acknowledge it, the majority of our purchases are emotional ones. They’re about the things we purchase just because we want, enjoy, and can—they’re not meant to fix a problem but are part of our way of life, whether current or intended.

The fashion industry provides excellent examples of emotional purchases. As previously stated in this article, clothes might be purchased out of need (a rational purchase), but it is frequently the consequence of a different purpose to have a sense of belonging or to stand out.

Emotional buying is a type of impulsive purchase that is more focused on aesthetics and personal preferences. Even if it takes the buyer a long time to make a purchase, an emotional purchase is one that is motivated by anything other than need or usefulness.

Tips on Developing Emotional Purchases

When trying to sell a product that needs to connect to a buyer’s emotion, it is essential to present it in a unique way. For example, when selling coffee, you need to sell the coffee story and not just the beans.

There are three things you should include in your marketing strategy. These include implementing consistent communication themes by starting with the wording and imagery used in custom packaging, associating your product with a compelling story, and offering beautiful visuals that appeal to your customer’s aesthetic sense.

Product promotions have a big influence on emotional buying. If the purchases are impulsive, a price decrease, a snapshot of a celebrity using the product, or free delivery may be the best incentives for the buyer to complete the transaction.

Over to You

It’s important to remember that you should tailor your marketing strategy to the type of product and the type of buyer you are looking to engage.

Regardless of whether the purchases are primarily rational or emotional, only with this knowledge can the optimal approach for increasing brand recognition and, of course, sales be developed.

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