Earn Daily Rewards By Playing Rummy Games On Rummy Time App

The most played card game in India is rummy. By showcasing your online gaming prowess, it’s simple to earn real money awards. If you’re one of those players who are passionate about the game, then think about the rummytime cash game download. The platform gives you the chance to play the same old game of Indian rummy online, but with an improved user experience. It is one of the well-known rummy gaming websites ensuring quick, fluid gameplay, and secure transactions. 

According to Rummytime’s website, the platform was developed by business pioneers with decades of expertise who had previously worked for some well-known Indian firms. Rummytime promises to be the go-to site for Indian rummy fans, with a management team, made up of IIM and IIT alums. With a player base of more than 70 lakh, it has garnered consumers’ trust with features including seamless gambling, a variety of tournaments held regularly, and prompt payments.

Steps to download Rummytime on Android or IOS?

There is a very simple process to download Rummy time on your android or IOS. However, at present, it is only accessible to android. You can signup right away and begin participating in ongoing tournaments after you’ve downloaded the app. You can follow these steps:

  • Enter your phone number on the website to get an SMS with a download link for the Rummy Time app.  You must click the Get App Link button.
  • You can “RummyTime download”  on Google to download the app to your phone.
  • Open the URL and click the “Get Android App” button to begin downloading the Rummytime app. Next, select “Downloaded” and then “OK.”
  • Open the downloaded software, then select Settings. Enable Allow From This Source under Settings.
  • Then you can go back to the home screen to download the app and launch it. After you are done downloading you can install it.

How Can I Download Rummytime on My Computer/Laptop?

The app has amassed enormous user appeal, but a PC version is still missing. As a result, you can use an Android program like BlueStacks or Nox Player to begin the Rummytime app download on your desktop. Use the steps below to download Rummy Time for your PC.

  • The first step is to visit BlueStack’s website to get the application for your computer.
  • Run the setup.exe file by going to Downloads on your computer. Click Next once the setup is complete.
  • Once the installation is finished, select Install and then select Finish.
  • Log onto the Google Play Store on your computer and launch the BlueStacks application.
  • Look up Rummytime. Click “Install” once you’ve accessed the app page.
  • You can start playing the online rummy game of your choosing after the software has been installed.

A guide to playing on Rummytime

You must follow the below-mentioned steps before starting your game on runtime.

  • After you log into your Rummytime account, you can play a variety of games. The “Join New” option allows players to sign up for ongoing competitions, and the “Upcoming” tab provides information on upcoming matches.
  • Before participating in a game with a little entry fee, you can select the type of rummy you wish to play once you’re in the app. Even a few practice games are available without charge.
  • After downloading the Rummytime app and registering with the platform, you can begin playing games there. There are basically four types of rummy that players can select from. They are Pool 61, Pool 101, Pool 201, and Pool.

Pool Rummy 201 On Rummytime

  • The goal of 201 Pool Rummy, is to accumulate the fewest points possible throughout each round. This game is mostly played between 2 to 4 players and the first player to score a total of 201 points is out of the game everyone else can carry on. There is only one winner left at the end of this cycle after all players have been eliminated.
  • Each player is required to create a set. A pure sequence and remaining impure sequences are a must. After the sequences get displayed by the player, they get verified.
  • If a match is made, the player receives 0 points and is deemed the winner.

A good alternative for Rummytime

The well-known gaming software GetMega offers a variety of games, including quizzes, casinos, and casual ones. Numerous competitions and tournaments are available on the app. Some of these competitions have a Rs.5 buy-in fee, while others have free entry. GetMega also enables new users to get registration bonuses. Additionally, this gaming software gives users referral benefits that they may use to play a variety of other games. On its website and app, GetMega offers a variety of games. You can take the money over a UPI channel if you have won more than Rs.25. The best feature of Getmega is the option to play against actual amateur and professional gamers. You can learn new strategies, as a result, to help you up your game and win big. You can be sure that you will get paid even if you simply win the games because the website is quite strict about allowing verified profiles.

In order to make money online, by utilising your card gaming skills, you must download the application today.

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