Earning a Legal Nurse Consultant Hourly Rate

As a Legal Nurse Consultant, you’ll earn anywhere from $20 to $60 per hour. This rate is based on location, experience and specialty. Hourly rates for Legal Nurse Consultants are similar to those for comparable autonomous nursing positions in your area. You can expect to earn a higher hourly rate if you have experience and can provide specialized services. However, you’ll be responsible for deciding how much you’ll charge on a case-by-case basis Playfire.

The hourly rate for an independent Legal Nurse Consultant ranged from $12 to $150 per hour, with the most common range being between $101 and $150. The survey did not specify whether legal nurse consultants earn paid benefits, but those who did reported getting disability insurance and vacation time may boost their pay. Independent LNCs who work for their own firms are also free to choose which cases to take. Some Legal Nurse Consultants also make more than $100 per hour Eworld.

As a Legal Nurse Consultant, you’ll provide critical and objective medical and nursing expertise to the attorney or party to a lawsuit. Clients value your objectivity and honesty. This demonstrates your openness to differing views and keeps you from becoming biased. As with other nursing positions, this career comes with great responsibility and stress. Legal cases can be long and emotionally draining. Hourly rates vary depending on your caseload and the complexity of the case. The typical case will last for four to six weeks Mixbit.

If you’d like to earn a higher hourly rate as a Legal Nurse Consultant, you should consider pursuing a degree in nursing or a related field. This will help build your credibility as a Legal Nurse Consultant. To earn your LNC certificate, you can also pursue additional professional accreditations or a specialty certification. If you have a bachelor’s degree in nursing, this will be beneficial as it will boost your credibility as a legal nurse Myweblog.

As a Legal Nurse Consultant, you will conduct medical and legal research for clients and help attorneys gather the necessary medical evidence for the case. Aside from analyzing medical records, Legal Nurse Consultants interview medical experts and prepare chronologies for them. As a result, they’ll also help with the investigation of workers’ compensation and medical malpractice cases. Some Legal Nurse Consultants even serve as expert witnesses. The average hourly rate for Legal Nurse Consultants is $60/hour Economictimes.

To earn a higher hourly rate as a Legal Nurse Consultant, you must complete a certification program. Certification from the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (ALNCB) or a state licensing board is a valuable credential for this profession. After passing the exam, you’ll be eligible for the LNC certificate. While it’s not a mandatory requirement for this role, it does help to increase your earning potential.