Everything you need to know about Crop Tops

Crop tops being an 80’s trend, are back with a bang! Crop tops are among the tops for women reigning the fashion worldwide, making them a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. These tops are shorter, lighter to carry and even more comfortable than full-length tops making them summer friendly.

Also, these tops can create an illusion of you being taller. You can flaunt your midriff by styling them in numerous ways, like pairing them with jeans, skirts, jackets or even a slip dress for a full-on ’80s vibe. Overall, these tops are meant to give you a sexy and feminine look.

A crop top is also commonly referred to as cropped top, belly shirt, midriff shirt, midriff or tummy top, short shirt, and cutoff shirt.

Things to Consider for Wearing a Crop Top

So if you are planning to flash some midriff, it is advisable to consider the following few things first.

1- Choose the Length

It is up to you and your confidence level to wear crop tops. If you are a crop top virgin, don’t be nervous! First, go for a Pseudo crop top that does not expose any skin but is shorter than usual length tops. Next, you can go for crop tops that slightly expose a strip of your stomach under the bra line. However, if you are confident wearing shorter crop tops, go for crop tops that flash a peek of the navel.

2- Go for a Stiff/ Fit Style

Crop tops give a chic and fashionable look if you wear the ones that are made of heavy fabric. That is because it helps to hold their shape and maintain their structure. On the other hand, crop tops made of loose and flowy material may make you look sloppy.

Outfits Ideas

Crop tops are an absolutely versatile piece of clothing. You can wear them in a western outfit as well as a traditional outfit. The best part about crop tops for women is that they look good in any and all colours.

If you love a basic girl vibe, opt for crop tops in black or white and pair them with black or blue jeans and a classy pair of sneakers. Finish the outfit with a tan sling bag to create a three colour palette.

If you love to experiment with colours, take inspiration from colour theory and pair analogous colours such as a green crop top with dark blue jeans or a pink crop top with light blue jeans. Alternatively you can choose to go down the colour popping route and pair neutral coloured bottoms such as black, white or beige with tops in blue, pink, red or yellow.

Crop tops can also be styled on traditional wear. You could pair them with flared skirts, lehengas or trouser pants and channel a chic indo-western look. Add a dazzling pair of earrings, a matching pair of heels and a fancy sling bag to finish off your look.

The best part about crop tops is that they are available in so many different types and styles that everyone has something to choose from for their body type and style. Crop tops look flattering on everyone no matter what, the only thing to figure out is what kind and colour of tops looks the most flattering on you and you’re all set! Head over to VERO MODA now to shop for a range of stylish tops for women including crop tops!

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