Factors to Consider When Buying a Commercial Juice Extractor

A commercial juice extractor is a machine that squeezes out the juice from fruits ranging from mangoes, oranges, and grapes. The juice can then be processed and then packed for sale.

The following article will focus on the primary considerations when buying a commercial juice extractor. One must keenly look into various aspects before committing to purchasing one.

A commercial juice extractor is a machine meant to produce juice for business purposes. It could be for a large-scale or small-scale business.

Multiple facets are observed when acquiring a commercial juice extractor. They include:


The commercial juice extractor is meant for business purposes and should therefore be significant. It is intended to cater to the high number of customers that need to be served juice. It goes hand in hand with the capacity of the juice extractor. It should be able to hold many fruits at any particular time.


The commercial juice extractor should be manufactured with high-quality material to resist rust. The most common material is stainless steel which can resist rust. It will ensure the machine is fully functional and maintain high levels of hygiene due to the absence of juice contamination.

Ease in Dismantling

The juice extractor should be able to dismantle to ensure proper cleaning easily. In addition, it is to provide easy emptying and filling of the commercial juice extractor. It will also ensure it economizes on space since the various parts of the juice extractor can be stored independently in different locations.


It is a highly beneficial feature that ensures that the juice extractor can be used in different areas where it is needed. A juice extractor meant for commercial purposes will most of the time be permanently placed in a specific area. In contrast, those meant for personal use will be easily transported from one location to another.


The commercial juice extractor prices in Kenya are one of the most pivotal considerations when purchasing the devices. One should ensure that one maximizes the abovementioned factors while simultaneously paying the least amount possible. The commercial juice extractor price ranges from seller to seller, and thus one will need to do due research to get the best deal possible.

Electricity Usage

A Commercial Juice Extractor will take up large amounts of electrical power due to the high workload associated with its use. Large volumes of juice must be produced commercially to serve a large population.

Skilled Personnel

A highly complex commercial juice extractor will require the expertise of a skilled worker. The necessary skills must be implemented for the machine to remain entirely in operation. If this is not provided, the juice extractor machines will end up being non-functional and damaged. Juice extractors meant for personal use will only require little effort to operate.


From the information cited above, we can conclude that commercial juice extractors are essential in various aspects of society, both economically and socially. Thus, it requires a detailed understanding of its features to make a well-informed decision on the type of machine to buy. Check also commercial juice dispenser.

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