Frequently Asked Questions About Worker’s Compensation

If workers get injured at their workplace, they are entitled to seek benefits under the workers’ compensation law. The victims are often in a state of doubt and confusion regarding the system of workers’ compensation. Contact a Richmond injured at work attorney to seek legal guidance for your case.

 To clear any confusion, here are some frequently asked questions about it. 

What to do after experiencing an injury at work?

If you are a workplace injury victim, your prime focus should be informing your supervisors about the case and getting a proper medical checkup.

It is essential to do so because many states have fixed deadlines for reporting the accident. Cases reported after that will hold no value, and the claim for workers’ compensation will be rejected.

 Also, you must timely detect and treat the injuries to stop them from worsening. Often, the victims do not feel hurt enough in the initial stage. It may happen because the adrenaline prevents the body from experiencing the full extent of harm caused due to the accident. Therefore, it is essential to get a medical checkup done by a healthcare professional, regardless of how trivial your injury may seem.

Does workers’ compensation coverage pay for illnesses caused due to work?

Yes, the coverage for workers’ compensation helps in the payment of all the expenses that arise from a work-related injury.

Employees are subjected to challenging situations at their workplace. They develop severe issues due to the stress caused by the job and other hazards. The claim helps compensate for any harm caused to the worker due to the work environment.

Can I avail myself of workers’ compensation benefits even if the accident occurred because of me?

Yes, it is possible to receive workers’ compensation even if you are at fault for causing the accident. The workers’ compensation system’s main aim is to help victims of workplace injuries without liability involvement. But there are exceptions to it, as workers’ compensation will not reimburse self-inflicted harm or harm caused under the influence. 

Am I allowed to seek my doctor or medical professional?

The answer is state-specific, as it entirely depends on what is permissible under the law of your state and the requirements stated by your employer’s insurance policy. The best way to seek the answer to this question would be to confront your supervisor regarding the choice of doctor.

Even if you are legally required to visit the doctor decided by your employer, you are entitled to change the doctor after a certain period. And if you seek the assistance of your doctor, you will be examined again by the doctor chosen by the insurance company.

What are the benefits available in workers’ compensation?

The benefits are entirely based on the type and severity of the injury and state laws.

If you are impaired by the injury and cannot work for a while, you will be given temporary disability benefits. These benefits include two-thirds of your regular salary.

You will be given permanent disability benefits if the injury permanently impairs you.

Along with that, workers’ compensation claims have coverage for the expenses incurred in the diagnosis and treatment of workplace injury. It also pays for the rehabilitation costs required in some instances.