Game releases 2023

Game releases 2023

NBA 2K23

In the must-play annual basketball game NBA 2K23, the developers are again talking about a lot of improvements compared to last year. Thus, there should now be many more combinations that offer you more options when managing the ball, shooting or dunking. Also new are the so-called adrenaline bursts. Whenever you start a strong sprint, one of your adrenaline bars will be lost. If you no longer have them, it will have a negative effect on your game. But of course they recharge over time. Changes have also been made to defence and team take-down. Your players’ signature throws now have values too.

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An exciting storyline! And new features!

Cricket prediction

Platoon 3 

New ink on all Inklings pens! Splatoon 3 improves on the gameplay of Nintendo’s beloved brand and brings in a few features that fans have been asking for. So now you can play Salmon Escape Horde mode regularly, not just during event times. The new Splatana weapons and bow give you a new coat of paint. And you can’t believe it: now you can even join the lobby with your friends! In many ways, Nintendo has picked up on the wishes of online shooter friends, and single players also get a colourful campaign full of puzzles.


A holiday in Italy? During the First World War, of course, that was out of the question. In the multiplayer shooter Isonzo, you fight on the Italian front in the conflict over the river of the same name in the north of the country. Here, the armies of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Italian army come together in bloody battles. The developers strive to be as historically accurate as possible, whether it’s the weapons, the environment or even the clothing. In addition to online battles, which may be of interest to experienced players, Battlefield will also feature single-player content.

Food truck simulator

Finally get to eat expensive food on the street again! In Food Truck Simulator you battle big restaurants and build your own little food truck. You can decorate your vehicle however you want. In search of the best location you drive your cart around town and offer your fat treats there. You also have to prepare them yourself, from Chips in the deep fryer to hamburger patties on the grill. The more money you earn, the more equipment and upgrades you can buy until you become the most popular hamburger maker in town.

Metal: Hellsinger

Shoot the beat and move your butt, or it’s Bon Voyage in Metal Hellsinger . Many well-known artists have contributed their songs to the rhythm game with borrowings from Doom. In addition to the vocalists of Dark Tranquility, Lamb of God and Arch Enemy, you will also hear the voice of Serge Tankian, the voice of System of a Down. The better your kill series, the more music levels will be added to the soundtrack, and your point multiplier will increase. If you start off with just the drums at first, vocals are added in the last stage, making the demonic slights truly epic. The perfect motivation to always put your best foot forward in a shooter.

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