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Recently, the online card game Hi88 is becoming a prominent trend and attracts the attention of many players in the field of betting and exchange games. The bookie not only offers advancement but also a variety of other games for participants to satisfy their passion for betting. Let’s find out more details about this game in the content below!

Rules for playing card games to advance Hi88

The rules of the game progressing Nhà cái Hi88 are very simple and easy to understand, suitable for 2 to 4 participants.

Rules for playing card games to advance Hi88

  • Deal and start the game: When the room is full of 4 people, the system will deal 13 cards to each person. If there are only 2 or 3 people, the system will automatically choose the first person to go. The person holding the 3 spades will make the first move. If the table has been played before, the winner of the previous game will go first.
  • Block and Ignore: After the first player plays a card, the next player must block that card by playing an equal or double card or suit. If he can’t block, he can press “skip” on the system to skip the turn. When playing a card that no one can block or the time to think, the game will continue until someone has run out of 13 cards.
  • Winner: Whoever runs out of cards first is the newsintv winner of going to Hi88.

How to play card games to advance Hii88

If you want to enjoy the exciting card game Tien Len Mien Nam online at Hi88, follow the simple steps below:

How to play card games to advance Hii88

Step 1: Sign up for an account

Visit Hi88’s website then register for an account by providing basic information such as your ID, password, and phone number. After confirming and activating your account, you can log in to Hi88.

Step 2: Choose a card game to advance Hi88

Go to Hi88’s homepage, click “3D Game”. Next, in the list of games, find and select the game Tien Len (with logo – game name). You can tap the casino icon to find it faster.

Step 3: Start playing

When opening the game Tien Len, you will enter the interface of the game. Here, you can join existing tables or create your own table to share with friends. You will experience together with other participants to challenge and show your advance skills.

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Tips for playing card games to advance Hi88 always wins

To be successful in playing Tien Len at the Hi88 game portal, participants need to pay attention to some of the following factors:

Tips for playing card games to advance Hi88 always wins

Know the rules of the game

To be successful in Tien Len, it is essential to be familiar and flexible with the rules, card arrangement as well as the basic way of playing cards. Even if you already know how to play Tien Len, to become a good bettor, practice and calculate your opponent’s strategy seriously. This will help you improve your skills and increase your earning potential from this game.

Learn how to count cards and remember lessons

The ability to remember cards is an important thing when experiencing the card game progressing to Hi88, helping participants to predict the remaining cards of their opponent and build an effective strategy. Here are two famousbiography ways to memorize effectively:

Method 1: Memorize all played cards

Memorizing all the cards played allows players to find the best play for themselves. The most effective way to memorize is to remember from A to J, making sure not to miss any cards.

Method 2: Remember the cards of the opponents in the same table

Remembering the opponent’s cards requires high concentration so as not to confuse the cards with each other. However, mastering this information helps you to limit being cut and calculate more carefully to achieve the best results to increase your chances of winning.

This strategy is especially important because it can help users limit loss of goods and maximize their chances of winning. Players can calculate correctly then make the right decision, improving the probability of winning greater than the normal playing.

Keep a sober mind

Only when you stay calm and alert can you make quick and accurate judgments. Let’s play the card game forward when the mind is good and the body is full of energy. If you are tired or upset, absolutely do not play forward or any gambling game.

Try not to chop, rot, or freeze

When your hand is not very good, maybe even very bad, try to minimize your losses by scattering what you can quickly. Don’t get chopped or rotted in that case, as that will cost your money even more. Try to earn good cards \remove money.

Try not to chop, rot, or freeze


Hi88 card game is still a popular and popular game thanks to its simplicity and ease of play. If you want to become a master, take advantage of the above experiences to earn more money from this game!

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