Home Entrance Vastu Tips by Best Vastu Consultants Near Me

The entrance of every house is the passage of all kinds of positive and negative the house and everyone wants to welcome only and only positivity. According to the best Vastu consultant, Vastu plays a very vital role in maintaining positivity in the house and the same applies to the main entrance.

We have listed here some suggestions for you to help in maintaining Vastu for the main entrance.

Door Size

As per Vastu Shastra norms, the size of the main gate should be larger than the other door of the rooms. It brings good luck and good health to people living in the house. You might have noticed that the doors of the palaces and ancient buildings were always huge because of this reason.

Direct Sunlight Entrance@

The best location to place the main entrance door is the northeastern corner. This is so because welcoming the morning sun rays into the house brings good luck and positive energy as per Vastu norms. The house facing the northeast direction enjoys the direct entrance of natural sunlight in the house which is appropriate according to the Vastu Shastra.

Avoid Ground Level Entrance

Give your home an aesthetic look by avoiding the ground-level entrance and adding some stairs to it. The entrance at the ground level brings negativity to the house and enhances evil attacks more than you expect. To avoid this, you can have beautiful and comfortable-looking odd-numbered stairs at the entrance of the house to follow Vastu norms as well as give a beautiful look to the house.

Uniquely Designed Nameplates

As the nameplate holds a special place in the heart of the owners, it can also be an attraction for the negative and positive energies inside the house. If you believe in god, you can have a nameplate embedded with a small structure of gods and goddesses along with unique designs and good vibes. When people enter the house, they must get a good vibe from just seeing the nameplate.

Avoid Defective Doors

Never keep a defective door at the main entrance. Defective doors are considered as Vastu dosha that directly affects the health and wealth of the people living in the house. Replace the door as soon as you find any kind of crack, chip, or any other defect in the house. Keeping a beautifully carved huge main door attracts positivity in the house. So, always try to maintain the Vastu principle even for the main gate of the house.

Bring Good Luck Money Plant

The money plant is a beautiful plant with so many benefits according to Vastu and feng shui. Having a money plant at the main entrance brings prosperity to the house. You can also place it inside the house following the principle of Vastu to enjoy various perks of it. It also helps in cleaning the air inside the house and maintaining the level of oxygen.

The one who believes in Vastu Shastra and constructs the complete house following the principle should start working on the interiors right from the main entrance of the house. Visit Concepts Architects.

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