How to place bets through the Parimatch mobile app

The bookmaker has a Parimatch mobile app in, which I think everyone knows. What is its advantage? That through it, you can place bets. A page opens with the Parimatch bookmaker, where bets are accepted.

So, due to the fact that in the Parimatch mobile application you can bet on football matches, as well as other sports, I decided to earn extra money on this. There are many ways to make money on bookmakers, I will share one of them with you. The money that I work with through this betting service is called “Criteria” (Criteria).

You have probably noticed that betting on different football matches has a different number of criteria with which you can bet. For example, which match to bet on? Zero or no coefficient. Or choose the match in which the goal was scored. These are the necessary conditions.

But the criteria may not be necessary at all. You can bet, for example, that the players on the field will push each other, or you can bet that the team will play in a beautiful style, etc. All this is taken into account in the “Criteria” (Logic)

This can be checked through a separate PariMatch application. And with the help of the application, you can check these very criteria. For example, you bet on one goal will be on the sweepstakes, and on the other, who will make the first hit on the ball.

Types of sports betting from a bookmaker

PariMatch bookmaker is one of the largest sports betting companies on the European market. It was organized in 2007, the office is located in Germany, bets are accepted in euros, in this mode you can use the Cash button, which can help you win several hundred euros. In the bookmaker itself, you can set all the necessary parameters for a bet, including lines, start time, etc.

 A huge advantage of this bookmaker’s office is that before using a bet, you can find out where it came from and to what account. In principle, you can find an analogue in Russian, but, unfortunately, it does not have such full functionality.

  • In addition, you can find several types of bets in PariMatch. In live, in the betting section, you can find four of them:
  • Live (game in the hall) – here you can bet on the outcome of one of the matches of the event in a live format: ball, pass, goal, so much time has passed, who scored, etc.
  • Odd/Non-Odd (games in live betting) – you can choose how to play in predictions – either one match for total, or for odds, or add matches to an existing line.
  • Line (bets in the line) – bets on the outcomes of individual matches with a certain start and end time, differ only in the coefficient.
  • Balls (bets on events in the betting line) – bet on the outcome, including the one already in the line, and return the bet.

All sporting events in this bookmaker are scheduled down to slow-witted moments. You can find both the outcomes of top-level matches and matches that take place at the level of European countries, of course. And odds are also present in PariMatch, that is, this is also an analogue of Live events on our website.

 In all types of bets, it is possible to make live bets in live mode, for example, you can bet live on the outcome of the end of the match or on the time it starts. There is also the opportunity to enter cappers, this will help you choose the best one. At the same time, you can bet on events that have already happened, and the events are displayed for a certain period of time, so by placing live you can see the outcome of a particular match.

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