How To Smoke A Bong (Perfect Bong Hit): A Step-by-Step Guide?

Are you new to the world of smoking cannabis through bongs? Have you bought one but do not know how to smoke through it? Or do you happen to be invited to a sesh and do not wish to embarrass yourself? If the answer to any of these questions is a yes, then this write-up is meant for you. This article is a step-by-step guide on how to smoke a bong (perfect bong hit). If you are a novice, read till the end!!

What is a Bong?

It is a smoking device that runs on the principle of water filtration. A stoner uses it to smoke cannabis or tobacco. Since the smoke gets filtered before reaching the smoker it delivers smoother puffs. They are made using several materials like glass, wood, silicone, metal, etc. Plus, they come in several designs that have an aesthetic appeal to it

Components of a Bong

Before we move on to learn how to smoke a bong (perfect bong hit), let us first understand the various parts of a bong-

  1. A bowl piece– gets attached to the downstem and this is where we place the herb. It has holes on either side that allows the smoke to reach the base.
  2. A Downstem– connects the bong to the bowl piece. It keeps the bowl piece in place. The smoke reaches the base of the bong through the downstem.
  3. A Carb– is a hole on the side of a bong that stimulates more airflow making it easy to smoke.
  4. A Base– is also called the water chamber that holds water. When the herb is ignited the smoke gets collected in the water chamber. The base of a bong comes in several sizes and designs.
  5. A Neck– is the tube that connects the top of the base to the mouthpiece. The length of the neck varies with the different sizes and types. The smoke travels up the neck to reach the user.
  6. A Mouthpiece– is a circular ring at the top where you fit your lips to inhale the smoke.
  7. An Ice catcher– holds ice cubes. Some people prefer ice cubes to enjoy more smooth and cool hits.

Things Needed to Smoke a Bong

The following items are required before you start your sesh-

  • Bong
  • Bowl Piece
  • Cannabis
  • Water
  • Grinder
  • Lighter

Once we have the above things ready, it is time to learn how to smoke a bong (perfect bong hit).

How To Smoke A Bong (Perfect Bong Hit)

Smoking from a bong may appear to be a bit confusing due to the various parts involved in it. However, if you follow the below explained steps to the tee, you are good to go.

  • Step 1

Fill the bong with water– filling doesn’t mean completely filling up with water. The amount of water filled depends on the size of the bong. As a general rule, add water till about one inch of the downstem is immersed in water. Also, use cold water. Use ice cubes if your bong has an ice catcher.

  • Step 2

Grind the Herb– you can use scissors, hands, or a weed grinder to crush the weed. If you are using scissors, then cut the herb into small pieces. Place the herb in a bowl and using scissors further cut the herb into fine pieces. If you plan on using your fingers, then slowly rub the weed between your fingers to crush it. If you have a grinder, take out all the stems and seeds before placing the weed in the grinder. By placing the weed down the teeth, grind the top piece of the grinder clockwise and anti-clockwise till all the weed reaches the lower chamber. Whichever way you are using to grind the herbs, remember to grind them into fine particles so that they burn evenly thereby creating proper airflow.

  • Step 3

Pack the Herb– the next step is to pack the weed into the bowl piece. We have explained what a downstem is in the earlier part of the article. It is in the shape of a funnel that pushes the smoke into the bong. Using your fingers pack the weed into the bowl piece and push it down. Make sure not to pack too much weed into it because it can clog up and won’t allow air to flow properly. If you feel you have added more than the required amount, use your fingers to loosen up the packed herb. There is no one correct amount of weed that is packed because everyone has different choices and capacities. However, if you are a novice then start with a small amount.

  • Step 4

Light up the weed– Once you are satisfied with the amount of weed packed into the bowl piece, get a lighter to ignite the herb. You can use a pocket lighter or an electric lighter to ignite the weed. Ensure that whichever lighter you are using works perfectly. Alternatively, you can use a matchstick as well.

  • Step 5

Sit in a comfortable position– before you begin smoking from a bong, get into a comfortable and relaxing place. Usually, people prefer smoking while sitting. It is best to sit near the window if you are smoking indoors and sit away from any flammable substances.

If you are a right-handed person hold the bong from its neck with your left hand. Alternatively, hold the bong with your right hand if your left hand is the dominant one. Once you have a firm grip on the bong, use your free hand to ignite the herb.

  • Step 6

Breath– take a few breaths before you smoke from the bong. By doing so, the extra oxygen will help you inhale for a longer duration and reduce the chances of coughing as well. Plus, you will be able to draw proper and full puffs from it. Before you take a hit, exhale and empty your lungs.

  • Step 7

Place your mouth on the mouthpiece– when you place your lips over the mouthpiece ensure that you create an airtight suction. A perfect position is to place your lips inside the mouthpiece in a way that the circular rim of the mouthpiece is on the outside covering the sides of your mouth. Ensure that you form a complete seal so that no gaps are there for the smoke to escape.

  • Step 8

Ignite the weed– using your free hand ignite the cannabis using a lighter. Ensure that you keep the lighter sideways so that you do not burn your fingers. Secondly, the flame should touch the top part of the cannabis.

  • Step 9

Start inhaling the smoke– as you ignite the weed the smoke will start accumulating in the base. It will not reach your mouth or lungs as yet, but you are using your breath to accumulate as much smoke in the chamber as possible. After a few moments, you will see the neck and the chamber start getting filled up with smoke. Novice smokers are advised to slowly inhale the smoke and gradually fill the chamber.

  • Step 10

Stop lighting the weed– once enough smoke is created stop lighting the cannabis. At this stage do not remove your mouth or stop inhaling the smoke.

  • Step 11

Continue inhaling the smoke– remove the bowl piece and continue to inhale slowly. If you do not seem to catch a breath before you inhale again then remove your mouth from the mouthpiece and cover it with your hand. Once you are ready again, remove the hand and place your mouth as before to inhale the smoke. Do whatever is comfortable for you. You can even take smaller hits and catch your breath in between.

  • Step 12

Exhale– the smoke either through the window or up towards the roof or sky if outdoors. If there is some weed left in the bowl piece reignite it.

  • Step 13

Rinse and pack the bong– once you have finished with the smoking sech remove the bowl piece and rinse out the water from the downstem hole. Rinse it with clean water thoroughly and store it in a safe place.


There is no one perfect way to smoke a bong. Slow inhales and exhales ensure smoother puffs. Remember a few handy tips like do not hold the smoke for more than 3-4 seconds and keep taking in some fresh air. Always clean your bong thoroughly after every sesh.

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