How To Transform Your Truck Into The Ultimate Off-Road Camping Tent

Whether you’re on a weekend camping trip or an overlanding excursion, preparation is key. You want to make your experience as safe, convenient and comfortable as possible for sleeping in the great outdoors. While there’s lots of gear you’ll need to make this possible, you’ll want to keep a few essentials in mind.

Guard Your Front Against Unwanted Debris

You know how messy the great outdoors can get. With fishing, hiking, riding your ATV and other recreation, you get plenty of mud and dirt on your boots. And if you’ve got two- or four-legged friends with you, they track dirt into your truck as well. Without some sort of protection for your floors, you can kiss your carpet goodbye. Fortunately, there’s a simple and inexpensive solution: floor mats.

Available in a huge range of styles, colors and materials, floor mats deliver solid protection for your truck’s floors. Top picks include Husky Liners WeatherBeaters and WeatherTech’s DigitalFit floor liners. WeatherBeaters mats incorporate a FormFit raised edge plus DuraGrip, a rugged material that can even stand up to gasoline spills. DigitalFit floor liners feature a lipped tray design that channels mud, liquid, dirt and debris into a reservoir, preventing them from spilling onto your floors. DigitalFIt liners include a flexible tri-extruded material that’s both durable and fade-resistant.

Husky Liners WeatherBeaters and WeatherTech DigitalFit are just a couple of floor liner options. Check out AutoAnything’s Floor Mats page for a full range of possibilities.

Easy Assembled Tent

Transforming your truck into an off-road camping tent requires one vital piece of equipment: a rooftop tent. Mounting on top of your vehicle, a roof tent allows you to sleep in sheltered comfort while elevated off the ground. You get solid protection from the outside weather and you don’t have to contend with the creepy crawlies on the ground. How cool is that?

Many rooftop tent models are easy to assemble and install onto your roof. They typically mount onto the roof rack, so you’ll need to ensure that your roof can handle the extra weight. Check your owner’s manual for the dynamic and static weight ratings. The static weight rating applies when your vehicle’s not in motion: It should be at least eight times greater than the dynamic weight rating.

Like floor liners, you also have many rooftop tent options. Some popular choices include Smittybilt’s Overlander series and Body Armor’s SkyRidge Pike 2. You can see many more on AutoAnything’s Rooftop Tents page.

Protecting Your Cargo

No matter what you’re stashing in your truck bed, you need to protect it. A tonneau cover keeps your gear dry, shielded from the elements and away from thieves’ prying eyes. Top models include BAK Industries’ BAKFlip MX4 and the TruXedo Lo Pro soft roll-up cover. AutoAnything’s Main Tonneau Covers Page displays many other options.

There are many more items you’ll need for your next excursion, but this short guide covered some of the basics: your tent, floor mats and tonneau cover. Be sure to follow manufacturer instructions, especially when installing your tent and tonneau cover.