​​How To Use This Magnetic Screen Door Attachment From Everlasting Comfort

Whenever it comes to removing and replacing a screen door, most people are very hesitant to start that process. They either see a very long and costly process that will take a day for professionals to do, or a lot of frustration as they try to remove and replace their screen doors themselves. However with the magnetic screen door attachment from Everlasting Comfort, replacing your screen door has never been easier!

Made with 26 magnets all along the seam, this magnetic screen door connects two sheets of heavy duty polyester mesh which allows you to keep the outside out and the inside in. Plus it is durable, easy to use, and opens and closes with barely any effort.

Still, if you are a little concerned about how in the world you are supposed to install this revolutionary magnetic screen door, then read on because this article is going to fully demystify the entire process!

Preparing To Receive The Door

Before you can think about installing the magnetic screen door, you need to make sure that your existing screen door frame fits these two criteria. First, the screen door frame must measure up to 38×32 inches or less for the magnetic screen door to fit. Second, it must also be either a sliding, metal, fixed, or wood door frame, which most people have. After that, you can order the door and see what you get.

What Do You Get When You Order?

First, you receive the magnetic screen door as well as everything you need to install the door. These include black all metal thumbtacks, a large roll of hook and loop backing tape, and the instruction manual and the video manual. The door itself is made from a durable polyester mesh with a very high thread count and fully reinforced edges.

This means that outside pests and bugs are going to stay outside, and the doors are going to withstand the test of time and the elements that can batter on your area. But you will be able to see through the mesh and still be able to experience the wonder of the outside.

How To Install Your Magnetic Screen Door Attachment In Four Steps

The first step in the installation process is to clean the door frame and ensure any buildup of dirt and debris is removed. Then lay out the magnetic screen door and press the middle seam together. Be sure the door is laying flat and you can press all the magnets shut, and once it is done, you can hold the screen to the top of the door frame. Ensure that the magnetic screen  door is able to match the size of the door, and if you need to have the door frame resized, then the instructions for that are inside the instruction manual. Once the door is properly sized, then you can use either the hook and loop tape or the all black thumb tacks to attach the door to the frame.

While the attachment of the door frame is going to be pretty straightforward and easy for most people, there is a physical instruction manual and a video instruction manual that can provide additional information as well as take you through the installation step by step.

How To Use The Everlasting Magnetic Screen Door Attachment

Once you have the door frame completely installed on your door, you can start using it! The screen door comes with hands free usage, because we all have dealt with the struggle of needing to keep one hand free in order to open the door. Even whenever we are carrying something or needing to move things back and forth.

Plus, if your door frame gets stuck or requires two hands to wrestle open, then it can be almost impossible to move things around from the inside to the outside. With the magnetic screen door attachment, then you can simply walk right through the magnetic seam in the middle.

It will open whenever you walk through, and snap shut behind you without the need for having one or both of your hands free. This can be perfect if you like to throw a lot of parties, have children who would otherwise need help opening the screen door, or have pets who can go inside and outside themselves without needing to be let in and out.

Once you get the Everlasting Comfort magnetic screen door attachment installed, then you don’t need to worry about ever taking it off. They are ideal for being on your door year round because they can withstand the elements and can help you experience the outdoors while being removed from all the pests. After all, installing the doors is so easy, why would you ever want to take them off?

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