IPL 2022

The IPL 2022 season will be played in the regular window of April and May. The first league match is expected to be played on April 2, 2022, between the Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. The franchises will be randomly divided into two groups of five teams, with each team having the option of keeping up to four players. The IPL governing body will decide who will get to keep their player and the amount that can be spent on them.

Group stage

IPL 2022 will feature 14 games in the group stage. In group stage, each team will play four teams twice. The remaining team will play four teams once. The winning team is awarded two points. The losing team is not awarded a point. The playoff stage is four games, and will follow a page playoff system. The first and second teams will play the fourth game, which will be an elimination game. The last two teams will compete in the final.

Schedule of IPL

The first two games of IPL 2022 will be played on April 14. The teams will play each other twice. The second game is a final. Both teams will play each other twice. The teams are then separated into groups. After the group stage, the playoffs will begin. The first team will play against the other team. The second team will play the third team. The third team will face the fourth and final team.

Teams of IPL

The IPL schedule window in IPL 2022 will be extended by two months due to the addition of two new franchises. With the addition of two teams, the tournament will have 10 teams. However, UAE will remain an alternate venue. The playoff format will be similar to IPL 2011, with two qualifiers, one eliminator, and a final match. The IPL will be held in the regular window of April and May of each year.

Allow the franchises

The IPL will also feature a Mega Auction before the start of each season. The BCCI will allow the franchises to keep a maximum of four players, including three overseas players. The franchises will be allowed to keep up to four players and two overseas players. As a result, the teams that are left behind in the competition will not be able to compete with other teams. They will not be able to win the IPL.

As mentioned earlier, the IPL is expected to have 10 teams, and it will be played in India. Although the IPL does not have a home ground, the UAE will still host it. After the sale of the two new teams, the BCCI will announce the new teams. The two teams will compete for the broadcast rights of the IPL. If the new owners are successful, the IPL will have a large market.