Is Playing Cockfighting Legal In The Philippines? How To Increase Winning Chances In Game?

Are you planning to bet on online cockfighting for the first time? If yes, then it might be a complicated option for you. As a player, before you plan to place the bet on cockfighting, you must have the detail of the gamer and how you can increase your winning chances in the game. To take advantage of cockfighting in the Philippines, an idea of the rules is a must.

Is Cockfighting Legal In The Philippines?

Before a player gets further details about placing the bet on cockfighting, he must be clear about its legal status. In the past, there has been a lot of discussion regarding the legality status of cockfighting in the Philippines.

The legal status will depend on the platform a player selects to place the bet on the cockfighting. If the player selects a licensed platform like s888, he can rely on the platform.

Rule of the Cockfighting

The bettors placing the bet for the first time on cockfighting must have an idea of the type of bet they can place to win. Then, the person can select the bet based on the choice and strategies he will use to place the bet. The various betting options available to the people include:

  1. Mereon: It is an option representing the roosters with a high amount of power and the championship. Therefore, the representative colour in his option will be red.
  2. Wala: The option will be a good one for the less experienced rookie fighter. The colour, in this case, will be blue.
  3. Tie between Two: If the roosters keep on fighting after a period, then it is a situation of the tie. The representation of the colour, in this case, will be yellow.

Tips To Place The Bet?

Cockfighting is mainly the game in which two roosters are placed in a place to fight. The bet is generally placed on the chance of winning any of the roosters. The proper amount of training is provided to the roosters to play the future fight.

The person who is betting for the first time should, first of all, gather the complete detail of placing the bet and how they can have better winning. There are some crucial tips that will help the players in placing the right amount of the bet:

  •  Type of Bet

The first thing a person must know is the kind of bet that is available for the players on s888. The person will place the bet on the winning of the specific cock after completing the match.

If both of them are winning teams, then some matches are organized on a timely basis. A person can place the bet on a single or multiple rounds as per his level of choice.

  • Analyze the History of the Matches

A person can place a bet on the current match in a better way if he has complete knowledge of the various past matches. On average, the cocks will have a specific round colour that will indicate the amount of winning and losing that they have in the past.

So a person can just look at the red and the blue marks on the cocks and accordingly go for the winning team. If the cock has more red circles over the blue, the winning is more than the loss. The yellow marks are the tie. So a person should go for the cocks that have high winning chances.

  •  Evaluate The Roosters

Before the bettors can place the bet on the roosters of their choice, they are given an option to be on the platform. This will help the people in analyzing the roosters properly. The person will get an idea of the strength and stamina of the various roosters so they can accordingly place the bet.

Going through the roosters’ shine will help examine how better they can fight in the coming match. If they had any damage in the previous match, it becomes really difficult for them to fight the future match with high winning chances.

  • Get the Idea of the Odds of Winning

The player must ensure that he has a clear idea of the various teams to place the bet at the right time. This is the step through which a person can form the idea of which team has the chance of winning more in the game.

If the person places the bets based on the odds, the chance of winning the bet in the game will increase. Even the person will know placing what amount of the funds will be sufficient for the specific gaming option. Once you have a clear idea of the various bets and the one with better odds, the time to place the bet is there.