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The most thrilling card game in existence is rummy. Fortunately, playing this game is also very simple. The fundamental principles and traditions of rummy remain the same despite the fact that there are numerous versions with slightly varied regulations. Read on to learn rummy gameplay and take advantage of the best version of the card game. India’s top rummy software, Rummytime offers a secure and fun gaming environment. Also, it features numerous free tournaments every day allowing gamers to contest Rummy games. So, if you are interested in an expansive game of Rummy then consider a Rummytime cash game download

In this article, we will learn how to download and play Rummy on Rummy Time. 

Use the steps below to download Rummy Time for your PC

  • Visit the website of BlueStacks to get the application for your computer.
  • Run the extension file by going to Downloads on your computer.
  • Click Next once the setup is complete.
  • Once the installation is finished, select Install and then select Finish.
  • Log onto the Google Play Store on your computer and launch the BlueStacks application.
  • Look up Rummytime. Click “Install” once you’ve accessed the app page.
  • You can start playing the online rummy game of your choosing after the software has been installed.

The login and registration procedures for Rummytime are easy 

  • Pick your favorite language when downloading the Rummytime app, along with your phone number and display name. Include additional information like your email address and PAN number for KYC.
  • After entering all of this data, click “Let’s Play” to begin. If you are already a user, select Let’s Get Started and proceed by entering your phone number or email address.
  • Finally, press the Continue button to access your account and log in.

Now, let’s see how you play on this app. 

A set of Playing cards

The number of cards in a normal pack of cards is 52 (without Jokers). These cards are divided into four separate suits, each with 13 cards. Diamonds, Clubs, Spades and Hearts make up the four suits. The nine numeral pip cards from 2 to 10 are distributed among the thirteen cards in every suit, which also includes an Ace, King, Queen, and Jack.


Most rummy variants require two to six players. But, two packs of cards are utilized in rummy games with six players.


Each player’s goal is to arrange the cards into melds once they are dealt. Melding is the term used to describe the act of placing the cards in sequences. There are two different sorts of melds: A grouping of 3 or more cards of similar rank is known as a “set.” A grouping of 3 or more successive ranks of a similar suit is known as a sequence or run. J Q K, for instance, or 7 8 9 10. There are two types of sequences: pure and impure.  Any card in the meld may be represented by the wildcard (also known as the Joker) in games that permit it, and it will still be accepted.


Dealing refers to card distribution to all the players. In order for everyone to see the table and the cards on it clearly, the players sit in a circle or a close variation of a circle. A properly shuffled deck is used to begin the game. Each player receives specific cards, depending on the type of rummy being played. For instance, each player receives 13 cards when playing Indian rummy. Cards that are not dealt with are kept on the table face down. The stockpile is what is called here. The stockpile is surrounded by cards that the players discard throughout the game. 


The players then attempt to make melds using the cards in their hands. The gameplay is to take pick a new card from the reserve pile and then discard another card or the same to the discarded stack. This happens till a player wants a show. 

Showing cards

Once a player has organised his/her hand into 2 melds (minimum)—a pure sequence and another extra arrangement from either pure or impure —he may request a show of cards. The third and fourth melds, if there are more than two, may be either a set, an impure, or a pure sequence.

The cards are verified after a player requests a show. Usually, a player calls out Rummy and requests it. Deadweight cards are those that do not form a meld.

Rummy Time is a great application for gamers when it comes to playing Rummy. But, are you looking for a more versatile gaming app? Then, you can check out the GetMega website. Here you can play various kinds of games alongside Rummy. Furthermore, this platform only allows 100% verified real players to register to ensure complete security and more advanced gameplay. 

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