Looking for a good strategy game – Best games.

A quick look at the best strategy games: our list summarises our current recommendations for strategy. From classic real-time strategy with base building (RTS) to leisurely turn-based strategies and modern MOBAs, there’s something for every taste. We will update this review regularly to keep you informed.

Strategy Games 2018: Current and Future Games

Do you want to command armies again and decide the fate of entire nations? Are you looking for a good strategy game? Then this article is just for you, because we present the best strategy games currently on the market. This genre has often been declared dead . It is definitely a far cry from the importance it once had in the 1990s. Nevertheless, strategy continues to live on. Above all, of course, through Bluechip casino India Constantly keeping millions of gamers glued to their screens. Fans of the strategy genre are still getting their fill, with two important representatives of the genre recently arriving with the RTS Halo Wars 2 and the Stellaris DLC Utopia. Factorio (in early access since 2016), Steel Division: Normandy 44 and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 were 2017 games, while Iron Harvest will have to wait until 2018. Fans of 4X, building games and global strategy are also served from time to time, for example, the titles of two important games that strategy fans can look forward to were mentioned at gamescom 2017: Age of Empires 4 and Anno 1800 are already in development. ! Which strategy game are you most looking forward to in 2018? Write in the comments!

A wide range of different types of strategy games

Exciting games regularly appear for fans of real-time and round-robin strategies. The Starcraft, Total War and Civilization series are characterised by consistently good or very good games. Real-time strategists can’t beat the Starcraft 2 trilogy, which was completed with the Legacy of the Void addon. On the other hand, if you want to experience historical battles, you can go for the Total War series, which combines real-time battles with turn-based strategy maps.

What are good strategy games?

Game depth, engaging missions and good presentation are a must for every strategy game. Good multiplayer is too. Whether it’s World War II or space, a real-time game or a turn-based strategy game, there’s something for every taste in the colourful variety. One of the best representatives of the genre is Civilization 6 by Firaxis. You accompany a nation from the founding of a nation to the space age. Lots of exploration options, multiple nations, and a clever new sector system will motivate you for a long time to come. We also have recommendations for Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun.out, a demanding stealth ninja game based on the proven Commandos template. Set in feudal Japan, you turn off clever AI opponents and blast your way through a 20-hour campaign with a team of five experts. At the moment, there’s no alternative in the genre. Total War: Warhammer is also one of the best strategy games . It is a mix of turn-based strategy and real-time strategy that impresses with its intense combat set-up and fantastically realized fantasy scenario. When thousands of units go at each other, the spectacle makes your mouth water. Construction games, real-time strategy games, real-time strategy games: this genre caters to all tastes. 

Construction games for strategy buffs

Planning roads, developing economic cycles, building houses or managing companies – builders can really blow off steam in construction games. Sometimes you need to use the right strategy to keep the city you build in Cities: Skylines from descending into chaos. As mayor, you build the metropolis of your dreams here on huge maps. A number of aspects such as traffic, waste, crime and water consumption are realistically modelled. This can be controlled perfectly and supports many mods. In Anno 1404 from Ubisoft, you in turn conveniently set up islands in the Middle East, produce goods and pay attention to the wishes of its citizens. Anno 1404 looks great, is beginner-friendly and offers a compelling campaign. The Venice add-on features multiplayer. If you’re looking for more games from similar genres, you’re probably right to choose the best business simulation games too . You can find many other alternatives in our constantly updated game database .

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