Mil-Grade Connectors Four Basic Shell Styles

The connector shell is considered as the main housing of it.  For any Mil-Grade connector, an outer casing is very important that houses and protects its importance carefully. The connectors are used in the equipment that is sometimes used in harsh environmental conditions and to protect the contacts and inserts in any connectors, the shell plays a very vital role. As we have discussed in many of our previous articles, for the mating process in contacts, the shell of a male plug is connected with the sockets of the female receptacle. Hence, you can say that the mated pair always consists of two shells, a plug, and a receptacle.

The plugs are usually made straight or at a 90-degree angle so that the receptacle can easily get fitted in it. But there are four basic styles of receptacle shells that make the mounting procedure easier for various applications by providing mounting options to them that suit their requirements.

The four basic receptacle shell styles are:

  1. Wall Mount
  2. Box Mount
  3. Jam Nut
  4. Cable Mount

Wall Mount Receptacle Shell Type

This receptacle shell type is made of a four-hole flange for front or back mounting through a board or bulkhead. To accept the backshell, this receptacle shell type is intricated with accessory threads which makes the procedure much easier. It is designed with easy rear and front panel mounting with IP67 environmental protection.

Box Mount Receptacle Shell Type

This receptacle shell type has almost the same flange design as like wall mount receptacle shell type but the only difference between the two is that the box mount does not equip with accessory thread due to which the rear profile becomes more compact as compared to the former one. It is also designed with easy rear and front panel mounting along with a low-profile design that provides some limited space in it.

Jam Nut Receptacle Shell Type

This shell type is designed with an integrated O-ring and a single-hole mount design that made it more suitable for harsh environmental conditions. This receptacle type reduces the risk of several environmentally vulnerable openings in an insertion. It is specially designed for the rear panel mounting only and the best part of using this shell type is the single jam nut (hex nut) rather than bolting it, locks it in the place completely. Hence, using this shell type increases the protection of application from any type of environmental conditions. Always remember that this shell type requires a single mounting hole only.

Cable Mount Receptacle Shell Type

It is the property of the cable mount receptacle shell type that it terminates directly at the end of the cable and this is the reason they are used solely for extension cables. They are also used in situations where the accessibility of the equipment boxes becomes an issue. To resolve the situation cord mount receptacles are prepared.  It is designed with an integrated environmental backshell.

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There is a “Thru-bulkhead receptacle”e as well that is used for feed-through of the circuits.