Most Common House Siding Issues and How to Fix Them

Leaving your home when it’s raining with a tattered umbrella or raincoat is synonymous with staying under the rain to get drenched; who would want to do that anyway? No one, I guess. The function of the raincoat or the umbrella is to shield you from getting drenched, just like quality siding does for your property and everything it contains.

Siding issues is like death to all living things; it is inevitable. As long as there is constant exposure to sun, children, rain, storm, and snow, there will be a time when siding issues will occur in your home. So, what common siding issues could arise in your home, and how can you fix them.

Common Side Issues and How To Fix Them

1. Cracks and Damages

The most inevitable siding issues have to be cracks and damages that occur after a fierce wind, storm, falling tree limbs, ball, or hail rip off part or all of your home siding. Any projected ball thrown by children poses a threat to your siding, window and even roof. Also, hail can cause extensive damage to not just your siding but gutter, roof, and windows.

Replacing your damaged siding can be strenuous since you might need to do some climbing and allocate some of your productive hours to supervise the repair as the siding contractors do their job. To replace your siding, vinyl siding, which is quite easy to use because it’s thin and can be easily replaced, should be considered, but note that it is prone to punctures.

For small holes or punctures, you might not need to hire siding contractors, just get yourself a patch kit and follow the instructions on the kit verbatim to seal the hole. For a clean job, you should apply the exact color of your home to the patched surface to prevent an eyesore.

2. Fading Colors and Peeling Paint

The catchy scenes with Palm Jumeirah in Dubai are the driveways, aesthetic finishes, and of course, the color of the buildings; the joy and feeling you get when you stare at your home with its wonderful color are second to none, but at some point when the color starts fading, or the paint starts peeling, the joy tends to reduce.

A faded color can be an eyesore not to just the owner but potential buyers of the property. A home with proper paint can be valued more than a home with a faded color by a property appraiser. This means faded colors also reduce the value of your property.

Even when you are not planning on selling the property, maintaining it with all seriousness is important as it helps prevent unnecessary damages that peeling paints could cause. Once the paints of your home start peeling, your home becomes susceptible to moisture.

To fix fading paints and peeling paints, new paint should be prioritized; it could be the same color as the previous one or a more appealing one. The home should be evenly painted with multi-layers to thicken the paint on the wall and make it last longer.

3. Noisy Siding

For many who love horror movies, the creepy sounds you hear at night might not be from imagination but from your siding. I know it’s hard to believe because who would have thought siding could be active and noisy? Noisy vinyl siding can be caused by improper installation; siding is installed on the wall in such a way that it leaves a little space for expansion and contraction as the season changes.

To fix this, hire professional siding contractors to help with your siding installation. Most homes in developed countries, especially those that experience winter and summer, need proper siding installation. For Americans in Kansas City, banking on Kansas City siding contractors is a sure way to avoid noisy siding.


Your home should be protected from external forces as much as possible to prevent damage, but most times, damages from hail, sun, storms, rain, children, and falling tree limbs are inevitable. To fix such siding issues, hiring professional siding contractors can be the solution.

In case of minor siding issues, using a patch kit and adhering to the instructions on the kit fully will surely suffice.

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