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Besides the fact that I love writing and reading about VentureBeat, Kyle Wiggers, and the rest of the gang, I’m also an avid fan of their videos. I’m often awed by the quality of their footage, and I’m always inspired by how they’ve been able to make such fun, informative, and entertaining videos. I’m so glad they decided to open their own channel on YouTube, and I can’t wait to see what they do next!

About VentureBeat

Besides being a TechCrunch writer, Kyle Wiggers has a special interest in artificial intelligence and has appeared on VentureBeat. He lives in Brooklyn with his partner. Aside from his writing, he dabbles in the piano.

In addition to his writing on VentureBeat, he has also contributed to Digital Trends, Business Insider, and other blogs. He is currently a senior reporter at TechCrunch. Before joining TechCrunch, he spent eight years at Gigstreem, an internet service provider. Gigstreem was formerly Rainbow Broadband. Gigstreem was founded in Tysons, Virginia and a former school-based telemedicine company. After Gigstreem closed, Wiggers left to write about technology for VentureBeat.

Wiggers’ latest writing includes an article about the effects of Hurricane Dorian on Berkeley County, California. He also wrote an article for AJMC Newsroom, based in the U.S., about the results of a study of children’s responses to the hurricane. The study, conducted by JAMA Pediatrics, found that the hurricane had a negative effect on children’s mental and physical health. As technology continues to change the way we do things, new skills are needed to keep up. Increasing numbers of industries are reshaping the way we live, and addressing risks associated with AI deployments is a growing area of concern.

About the author

Probably the most interesting thing about the author of Wiggers Adventure Beat is that she is Indian. Her parents are Indian immigrants, who in turn immigrated to the United States, where they transformed their homes into something that looked like a cross between Indian and American. She did her research while working as a research assistant at the University of Chicago. She decided to pursue a PhD in art history, but changed her course of action when she secured a research assistantship with noted anthropologists. She says she changed her course of action because she wanted to pursue an interdisciplinary program. Now, she is a doctoral candidate in the History Department of the University of Wisconsin.


The author of Wiggers Adventure Beat is not only an expert in art history, but she has also done a fair amount of work in the field of craft. She is interested in the craft industry, and in particular, in the ways that crafts can tell stories about the world around them. She has also done some interesting studies on the anthropological aesthetics of everyday objects campaigns and customer service interactions. It also allows customers to scale the behavior of the best performing agents across all channels, enabling them to deliver superior customer experiences writing an article

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