Pros and Cons of Monetizing Your App or Website with OfferToro

Would your online business, website, or app use more exposure for additional traffic? Then OfferToro may be the right platform for you.

First, you must understand what OfferToro is and its pros and cons.

What Is OfferToro?

OfferToro is a UK-based company that provides an advertising and monetization platform. The company gives anyone who has an app (with good traffic) the tools to turn that traffic into revenue.

To make monetizing app traffic easier, users earn virtual cash by completing various tasks like playing games and completing surveys.

OfferToro has been in the advertising and monetization business since 2012. It currently has a global user base of over five million users.

OfferToro, headquartered in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, provides its services worldwide. The primary monetization tool offered by OfferToro is offerwall. In an offerwall, multiple ads or offers are displayed, and users can choose which ones to complete.

Every monetization network has advantages and disadvantages, and OfferToro is no exception.

Some monetization networks, however, are more trouble than they are worth. To determine whether a network is worth publishers’ time, weighing its benefits and drawbacks is critical.

Where does OfferToro stand? Read on and learn more about OfferToro’s pros and cons for monetizing traffic.

Overview of the Pros and Cons of Monetizing Your App With OfferToro

No company can satisfy all its partners or users. That said, there will always be a mix of positive and negative reviews about a company. To determine if a company is worth the trouble, it’s best to weigh the benefits and drawbacks.

Here’s a rundown of the pros and cons of using OfferToro to monetize app/site traffic.


  • One of the oldest offerwall networks.
  • Proven monthly payments.
  • Detailed statistics and reports on the publisher’s dashboard.
  • User blocking and unblocking tools.
  • Features to increase account performance


  • High minimum withdrawal limit of $150.
  • Prohibits the use of proxies or VPNs.
  • Net-30 basis of payment for publishers.
  • Limited payment methods (PayPal and bank transfers).
  • Chargebacks can take up to two months to show on the dashboard.

OfferToro Pros Explained

It’s one of the Oldest Offerwall Networks

OfferToro, founded in 2012, is one of the oldest offerwall networks. More established businesses have typically been in business for a long time and are dependable!

Most scam companies disappear or fail within a few years. OfferToro is legit and not a scam. Some of the most reputable GPT sites utilize OfferToro to generate additional income.

Proven Monthly Payments

Payments are typically a significant concern in the CPA networks industry, and payment trends significantly impact a company’s rating. After all, publishers monetize their traffic to make money, so they expect prompt and hassle-free payments.

Over the years that OfferToro has been in business, most publishers have received monthly payments after reaching the withdrawal threshold. Publishers who meet the minimum payout requirement are paid monthly on a net-30 basis via bank wire transfer or PayPal.

Detailed Statistics and Reports on the Publisher’s Dashboard

Publishers can access detailed statistics and reports of their accounts on their dashboards. These reports help assess the performance of a publisher’s account and identify areas for improvement to generate more revenue.

Publishers can access the statistics by logging into their accounts and selecting statistics from the left-hand menu. Below are some of the statistics and reports that publishers can take advantage of:

  • Conversion rate (CR): This is the percentage of users who completed a task compared to all users who clicked on the task.
  • Conversions: This column shows the number of users who clicked a task and followed the instructions to complete it successfully.
  • Best converting countries, tools, and offers: These reports show the countries, offers, and tools generating the most conversions.
  • Clicks: This column indicates the number of users who clicked on a task but did not complete it as instructed.

Features to Increase Account Performance

OfferToro provides specific features to help publishers boost their earnings. These features come in the form of offer promos. With this feature, publishers can promote any offer that they believe has the potential to increase conversions.

Stats and reports from publishers can create promotions for offers that convert well, such as offering offers to high-converting countries.

OfferToro Cons Explained

A High Minimum Withdrawal Limit of $150

Although it is not difficult to achieve, some publishers consider the $150 withdrawal threshold relatively higher. Some offerwall networks have a $100 minimum payout threshold.

Prohibits the Use of Proxies or VPNs

Most people use VPNs to protect their digital footprint when accessing the internet. When completing tasks on OfferToro’s offerwall, neither publishers nor users can use VPNs or proxies.

Net-30 Basis of Payment for Publishers

Publishers can withdraw earnings only monthly on a net-30 basis even if they meet the minimum payout threshold.

Limited Payment Methods (PayPal and Bank Transfers)

Another payment con is that OfferToro pays through PayPal and bank transfer only. While these payment methods are among the most used, some publishers may opt for alternative methods if available.

Chargebacks Can Take Up to Two Months to Show on the Dashboard

If an advertiser is dissatisfied with specific tasks, it may result in chargebacks on a publisher’s commission. The chargebacks may not appear on the dashboard for two months, requiring the publisher to pay with future earnings.

Our Final Thoughts on Monetizing Apps with OfferToro

OfferToro is worth a try based on its long history and many satisfied publishers. OfferToro’s advantages include a long history of operations, account stats, fraud prevention tools, monthly payouts, and account stats.

In contrast, OfferToro’s cons include a lengthy chargeback processing time, limited payment options, and limited customer support.

Even with the pros and cons listed in this article, we would still recommend using OfferToro’s platform, which is considered as the default offerwall if you are planning on trying out this method.