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Having a passion for technology, a willingness to learn and a determination to do everything to succeed, it’s no surprise that Kyle Wiggers has made a name for himself as a VentureBeat Contributor. His articles focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and the latest technology trends. As a member of the VentureBeat community, Kyle has contributed hundreds of articles and is an invaluable asset to the site laws4life.

Kyle Wiggers is a VentureBeat Contributor

Having worked as a senior reporter at TechCrunch and as a contributing writer at VentureBeat, Kyle Wiggers is a well-rounded individual who loves to play the piano and has a deep interest in artificial intelligence. He was also the proud winner of the Best Technology Blog award at the TechCrunch Awards in 2012.

Kyle Wiggers has a knack for writing about the latest and greatest technology, from virtual reality to the internet of things. As a contributing writer at VentureBeat, he’s also a member of the editorial team responsible for helping to shape the site’s tone and style. As a fan of all things tech, Kyle has a particular interest in artificial intelligence and how it can be applied to business. For example, IBM has announced three new marketing solutions that are powered by its nifty Watson platform. One of the company’s recent initiatives uses artificial intelligence to inject personality into its campaign messages. Despite the hype surrounding AI, it still has a ways to go lawyerdesk.

In addition to being a regular contributor to VentureBeat, Kyle Wiggers has also written about technology for other sites such as TechCrunch and Wired.

Recent articles

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Wiggers was born in Muscatine, IA on June 29, 1928 and Rescale 50m series 100m wiggersventurebeat from Davenport High School in 1946. He served in the Army Corps of Engineers in Germany. He was married to Doreen and they had two children. The couple died within five days of each other. Wiggers is the director of Warren Wilson College’s Critical Craft Studies program. He is also the author of several books. Wiggers has an interest in the aesthetics of everyday life and anthropological studies. He coined the term “craftscape” in 2010 to describe social objects with a history.


Currently, Wiggers lives in Sammanish, WA with his wife, Nadia, and his son, Boris. Wiggers’ research has focused on South Asian immigrants, anthropological studies, and craft-oriented dissertations. He has also worked as a research assistant for noted anthropologists. He has worked at Iowa State University, the University of Chicago, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Colorado experiments have been successful, they have also discovered some areas that need improvement lawyersmagazine..