Striking Features of the Peanut Butter Making Machine

A peanut butter machine is a device used to process peanuts, also change groundnuts into butter. Butter, refers to a creamy substance consisting of protein and fat. It has 80% butter fat and is of health benefitsto many. The machine peaked recently when the value of peanut butter came into realisation. Whatfished the minds of machine designers was attributed to emerging ailments with regards to several advantages of peanut butter in the health sector.

Rotating roaster

The machine comes with a rotating roaster. The rotating part keeps stirring the contents keeping it fine in quality as it is roasted. This not only keeps the quality buy also, avoids lodging of the product at edges. The constant stirring is efficient in enhancing constant flow also for maximum productivity. By doing this, maintenance cost is reduced since the machine has little complications.

Grinding machine

Grinding enables fine particle to attain a quality state. The machine part finely presses against a hard inbuilt surface. By doing this, seeds are collapsed from outside hence this process is an easy way of making butter. The grinder is also designed in a way that it enhances faster grinding per less time hence it is economical.

Picking belts

The belts are designed to pick the product before processing fully. The processed amount is also lifted to be sifted in another section of the machine. The belts are efficient enough to hold a substantial quantity without damage. This conveys with minimum time. The staining property is also avoided hence less dilution of the product. This element is sought after while checking the peanut butter making machine prices in Kenya.

Paste pump

The paste pump also transports peanut butter after processing. The processed butter is carried to another section. The pump picks and pastes safely with less butter sticking because of its state of matter. This makes the process faster and of worth with time. The paste pump does not mix the processed butter with the less purified amount.

The stirring tank

The stirring tanks areplaced for additive addition hence has a final tasty product. The tank stirs at a constant rate that is efficient enough hence results in uniformity in additive distribution. Uniformity in density of the malt is also achieved by the tank stirring power. The tank sectionenhances enough power to stir large amount of butter withina less duration of time.

Cooling belts

After roasting and processing, the cooling belts exert cool air on the baked peanuts. This enhances quality and also time for use. The product is preserved for a long time without getting damaged in containers ready to be used. The belts holds large surface areas hence its use is efficient for supply of the product.

Vacuum tank

The air inside is evacuated since it hampers the product. This is done by means of a vacuum pump. Shelf life of the product is therefore preserved here. The pump works with sufficient power for its function to clear a large volume of air. Contamination is lessened. The product will last thereafter.


The machine suits the whole process of processing peanut butter both for domestic use and commercial purposes. Readiness in the market puts everything in place.These factors make the machine best for all