Summer Game Fest: A quick look at all the new products.

Outriders: Worldslayer      

After a lot of novelty, the Outriders: Worldslayer trailer gave a bit of a break. The new scenes for the big shooter expansion looked good. Among other things, new mods, new skills, new weapons and a few story related scenes where you’ll encounter Ereshkigal’s altered name were shown off. It will all be released on June 30, 2022, so you should be able to play it on your own in less than three weeks. Now you can even do it with friends, Pinup casino you can invite them to play together locally or online to organise team fights or compete against each other in mini-games. 

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout      

The Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout trailer was just as well known. On 21 June 2022, the Battle Royale team game will move to Free 2 Play, and with it a new season will be announced. The title will also be released simultaneously for Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles.

Fort Solis      

Fort Solis had its world premiere at Summer Game Fest. It’s a third-person sci-fi horror adventure for a change, of which there have been quite a few throughout the series. But: The first work of previously unknown developers Fallen Leaf and Black Drakkar Games really makes you want more! And not just because of the involvement of Troy Baker and Roger Clarke, representatives of Booker DeWitt and Arthur Morgan.

The premise is also impressive: Fort Solis tells the course of a long night on Mars, where you, as technician Jack Leary, actually want to investigate the usual anxiety, but a series of unforeseen events unfolds. The story should have multiple endings. With the performance capture and power of Unreal Engine 5 the optics are also impressive.


Staying true to the space theme, we switch to a first-person view and move into a routine. This was also first revealed during Summer Game Fest with a trailer showing you crawling through the technical mines of an abandoned moon base, hiding from robotic monsters and running away to somehow survive.

On top of that, there’s probably still a big plot to unlock and unlock new modules for your spaceman tool. A bit like SOMA, only in space. Elements such as full body awareness, blind spot targets and a minimalistic user interface are designed to be particularly enjoyable.

The soundtrack is also very atmospheric, written by Doom composer Mick Gordon. The only drop of bitterness: no release date yet, only information that Routine for PC and Xbox as well as Game Pass is due.

Gates of the Storm      

A real-time strategy game with a Free2Play concept that sounds rather unusual. Developers Frost Giant Studios, made up of former Blizzard employees, want to try just that. The result is called Stormgate and is a real-time strategy game that revolves around the war between humanity and alien invaders and offers you several modes to choose from: you can experience the sci-fi conflict in campaign, single player or co-op.

There are also casual and competitive online PvP modes and an extensive editor. All of this is implemented in Unreal Engine 5, which is designed to deliver high-resolution HD graphics in 4K, as well as an accessible user interface with optimised input. The first beta version is planned for 2023.


Strategy also plays a part in Highwater, although at first glance it may not seem so. The indie title, with its flooded game world, finally feels more like a Sea of Solitude-style philosophical adventure. However, instead of boating, the focus is on the tough fight for survival: after the earth has gone under due to climate disasters, you must explore the last remnants, find allies and try to sneak in a rescue rocket to Mars.

There are also battles in between, in terms of iso and in terms of rounds. Depending on how successful you are, the end of the adventure will also be different. It launches in December 2022, probably only on PC for now.

American Arcadia.      

Big Brother, just one size bigger, is the basic idea behind American Arcadia. The puzzle platformer is set in a town of the same name, which has been turned into the setting of a huge reality TV show without the residents’ knowledge. Anything and everything is continuously filmed by cameras, unpopular characters are voted on by the public, i.e. instant death.

An ugly fate that you naturally want to avoid, so you embark on a great attempt to escape. The game is played from two perspectives: 2.5D action with side-scrolling and 3D first-person gameplay with hacking, exploration, stealth and puzzles. We never got details on the release, but it was reported that Yuri Lowenthal (a well-known voice-over artist from the films Spider-Man and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, for example) will be there.

Goat Simulator 3      

Is it Dead Island 2 with a new graphics engine? No, it’s Goat Simulator! The utterly stupid goat simulation returns to the scene with a third part in the autumn of 2022! It’s interesting in a way that Goat Simulator 2 never was – would make Naked Gun 33 1/3 proud! The announcement from creators Coffee Stain Studios was made along with the first trailer.

In it you can see the usual madness that players of the predecessor should have already known: with your pukey hero you cause animal mayhem in the open game world by jumping wildly, bumping into things or licking them.

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