Top 5 Lifestyle Brands on Instagram in the UK

Burberry has become the UK’s top lifestyle brand on Instagram, boosting its follower count by over two million in the last year. The British fashion house has a long way to go, however, to compete with American brands such as Nike and Victoria’s Secret, which collectively have 75.2 million Instagram followers.

Karen Edwards

Travel blog creator Karen Edwards is the top most followed lifestyle brand on Instagram in the UK. She’s also a mother of three and has built a large following of thousands of followers. Edwards started her blog, Travel Mad Mum, in May 2015 to chronicle family travels. In her blog, she shares travel tips, baby travel products, and advice for parents mbo99. She loves traveling with her family, especially with baby Esme!

During maternity leave, Edwards traveled the world with her family to 17 different countries. The couple even rented out their flat to afford the journey. During her trip, Karen also set up her own travel blog, Travel Mad Mum, where she shares practical travel tips and family-friendly destinations.


As a leading marketplace for handmade and vintage goods, Etsy has developed a successful content strategy that uses color psychology and visual content to evoke warmth in its users. It also features UGC and useful how-to posts to inspire users cuan77. Its followers number 2.2 million, and the brand is attracting a large audience across the world.

Facebook and Instagram offer many advertising options for small businesses, and Etsy is no different. You can use paid advertisements to target potential customers with ads in their news feeds or on their Instagram stories. If you have a Facebook store, you can promote your products by linking them to your Etsy store, which will also enable them to buy directly from you. Of course, if you’re selling to customers outside the US, you’ll have to ensure that your shop has a checkout system.

Mother London

Mother London’s feed is unique. It features posts from a variety of creatives, as well as the experiences and views of other creatives. Mother London also features posts from its partners, highlighting their work. Their Instagram feed manages to strike the right balance between glitz and realism.

The brand’s profile is populated by mummy influencers who have a reputation in the online world. Their content is often about motherhood, parenting, and body image and are often favoured by brands looking to target a large audience oyo99slot. Moreover, these influencers are often a proponent of body positivity and promote their own products and services. In addition, they also post updates about their family life and provide advice on how to look your best.

Emma Chamberlain

With over 1.7 million followers on Instagram, Emma Chamberlain is the top-ranking UK lifestyle brand, according to a recent study. Her followers are mostly Gen Z, who are drawn to her relatable, stylish and authentic content. She grew her brand through a mix of photographs, videos and vlogs. In her 2020 podcast, “Anything Goes,” she discussed her early experiences in the fashion industry sakura188slot. She became a Louis Vuitton ambassador and attended her first Paris fashion week. She also appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan, a fashion magazine in early 2020.

Chamberlain’s Instagram account is filled with pictures of her life and travels. Her images are candid and atypical of most other lifestyle brands. She has also collaborated with brands such as Dote, which sponsored her trip to various places and released clothing designed by her. The fashion brand Crapeyewear also enlisted her for a campaign to promote their sunglasses line.

Rebecca Mader

As the UK’s top most popular lifestyle brand on Instagram, Rebecca Mader is a rising star among lifestyle brands. The blogger and interior designer recently became a mother and her feed is all about balancing motherhood with her love of interior design. Her feed features the modern homes she adores and provides plenty of inspiration for home decor. In just over six years, Rebecca Mader has gained more than six hundred thousand followers.

In addition to her fashion-related posts, Rebecca Mader also shares her lifestyle and travel photos with her 68K followers. Her candid and open nature have gained her the admiration of the blogging community starmusiq. Another UK lifestyle influencer is Jordan Wilson. With nearly 1M YouTube subscribers and 68K followers on Instagram, she has built up an impressive following among fitness and lifestyle enthusiasts.

Sam Holand

Sam Holland is the top most popular lifestyle brand on Instagram, with over one million followers. He was born in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England, and grew up in a creative environment. His parents, Tom and Nicola, are both successful in their fields. His father is a comedian and his mother is a photographer. Sam’s Instagram account is an example of how he melds his love for food with his career in the arts.

Besides pursuing a successful career as a model, Sam is an accomplished artist and a top social media influencer. He works with some of the biggest brands in the industry and has a loyal following. His posts are filled with a mixture of travel, family life, and his work. As a brand ambassador, he also collaborates with various companies and publications.