What is a Good Website That Sells Realistic Fake IDs?

There are a lot of scam artists and deceivers in the fake ID business. Some of them lure unsuspecting students with bogus deals and disappear once they have taken their money. However, you can avoid these vendors by following some rules to identify fake ID websites. The first tip is to avoid websites with domain names similar to those of famous ID websites. Besides, the name of a website should be unique, not similar to the name of another well-known ID website.

Fake Your Drank

If you’re looking for a realistic fake ID, you should go to a website that specializes in these kinds of products. Fake Your Drink has a reputation for creating high-quality fake IDs, and they offer excellent service. They offer a number of options, from high-quality Oregon license replicas to New Mexico IDs. And they can ship them to you via UPS, FedEx, or USPS. But you should be aware of the risks associated with these methods.

Among the many sites that claim to sell fake IDs, there are some that don’t deliver. These fake websites are likely scams. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on fake IDs from a website that might just be trying to rip you off. A good website will offer a refund if you are unhappy with your purchase. However, be aware that not all websites will offer a full refund.


The Idzone website is a living legend. This website has been selling fake IDs for over ten years, flooding US campuses with hundreds of them every week. The website has made headlines, attracting media attention, and has even been featured in a news segment. Be wary of the many fake ID sites out there, however, and use the Idzone.ph URL to ensure authenticity.

Idzone has a clean interface and covers dozens of U.S. states. Unfortunately, the site does not allow you to choose the state for which you wish to purchase a fake ID. You can buy a spare ID card and track the delivery process. Idzone accepts payments through Paypal, Skrill, Western Union, and Escrow. There is also a Bitcoin option available for customers who aren’t comfortable with credit card payments.


If you’re looking for a good website that sells realistic fake identifications, ID Top may be a good option. Like IDSBUDDY and other Chinese vendors, ID Top uses an ASP theme for its website, and their website contains detailed images of state identification templates. There are over 40 different licenses available on ID Top, with most of them updated for 2020. While IDTop’s prices may not be the cheapest, they do have a large selection of realistic fake IDs.

The materials used in creating fake IDs are important. Not all sites produce fake IDs the same way. Fake IDs made with less experienced hands will look and feel like any other ID. A skilled hand will see the difference and immediately shut it down. IDTop uses high-quality PVC and Polycarbonate materials for its products. They also create custom licenses for every state. Additionally, IDTop’s fakes contain microprints that are specific to each state’s ID. Whether you need a fake state ID for your next business meeting or a college admissions interview, IDTop will have what you need.


There are some pros and cons to buying fake IDs online. For starters, IDInState’s website is amateurish. While most companies in this field have sleek websites, this one lacks in these areas. It also doesn’t adapt well to different screen sizes. Still, this is not the end of the world. IDInState has helped hundreds of people get fake IDs for the purposes of obtaining higher education and for other purposes.

The negatives of IDInState’s website include the lack of SSL certificate and unreliable contact information. However, the website does offer free express shipping and reasonable prices for IDs. Customers can even check out sample fake IDs and get a feel for their quality before they buy. If you want to buy a fake ID that’s realistic and looks legal, IDInState is a good option.

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