What Is Milking Machine, How it Operates, Their Pros and Cons

Getting more milk for dairy farmers while you use less effort is the most enjoyable way. That is why in the recent world, there has been an invention of the milking machine that helps farmers to milk cows with ease hence making work easier. They also help farmers to retain the health of a cow with this increasing yield. As compared to hand milking, they are more efficient and faster.


In the recent world, we are, there has been an improvement in many machines which makes work easier and faster and among them milking machines among dairy farmers. That is why in this article, I will discuss what is milking machine is, how the machine operates, and its advantages and disadvantages.

What is a milking machine?

Machines are commonly used to draw milk from an animal, especially for larger numbers of animals like cows. It is placed on the udder of a cow whereby milk is removed and taken to the tank.

How the machine operates.

Before you milk a cow, first you must ensure that the teats and udder are clean to ensure milk quality and the cow is healthy. After that, the machine should attach to every cow, whereby the machine is a soft rubber that removes milk in a natural means by using gentle suction. Then the milk travels by use of sanitized pipes to where it is required in the tank whereby it is cooled

Advantages of using these machines

First, the advantage of using a milking machine for cows is that they increase activities mostly in a large herd since the machine can handle herds of cows. Labor cost is another advantage, especially for a big herd of cows. Also, it ensures that the milk is clean and fresh as compared to hand milk whereby there may be some hair, dirt or even manure may enter into your milk. Lastly, there is no sore in the hands as compared to hand milking where you may have sores in your hands.


Despite the advantage of this item, it also has its disadvantages which first include being expensive whereby most dairy farmers cannot be able to afford it. Another disadvantage is that most cows especially the older ones that are used in hand milking may have a problem with adaptation for the machine to operate, it requires an electricity supply which is another disadvantage when there are blackouts or power supply damages. Lastly, most dairy farmers experience pain during the cleaning process since if the machine is not cleaned well, it may lead to an increase in bacteria which may contaminate the milk


This type of milking machine is mostly designed for farmers with large numbers of cows who cannot be able to hand milk them. If you are a farmer with only one or two cows, then hand-milking is preferred. The milking machines make work easier and faster so if you have a large number of cows, then you opt to have these machines.

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