What to Do After a Car Accident That Is Not Your Fault in Montrose, CO?

Car accidents can take place anywhere, anytime. It is an unpleasant experience that can scar an individual for life. If you have suffered an accident in which you had no contribution, make sure to consult a car accident lawyer Montrose, CO as they can assist you in getting financial compensation by filing a car accident claim. 

Essential steps to take after getting into an accident that was not your fault

  • Get medical attention immediately. 

Make sure to calm yourself and seek immediate medical help if you are injured. Seek a doctor even if you overlook significant injuries, as many issues do not show primary symptoms. Look for others around you and help them if they need emergency care. If possible, try to remove other vehicles away from the path to prevent jams or another crash because of it. 

  • Collect Information.

If it is clear that the accident occurred due to the fault of another driver, then the liable driver is responsible for submitting a report to their insurance company. However, make sure to collect information regarding the name, address, and contact number of the responsible driver and the insurance company’s name and policy number. It is important to get witness testimony and note down their contacts. Click good pictures of the accident and try to get a photograph of the driver at fault’s license plate and the damage caused to your property.

  • Call the police.

Make sure to report the incident to a police officer. The police report will be beneficial in establishing the sequence of events that took place on the day of the accident. It will help you while representing your case in front of the jury or the insurer. The report contains a detailed analysis of the accident, as well as the statements made by eyewitnesses present there. If, for some reason, you are unable to get the statements yourself, the police report helps in gathering them so that you can present them in court. The police report also contains the contact information of the eyewitnesses.

  • Report the accidents to your own insurance company.

It is necessary to report the accident to your insurance company as they will need the information to launch a legal challenge against the insurer of the driver at fault. They will also require the information for processing a collision claim of your car.

  • Consult a legal attorney for a case evaluation.

Make sure to seek the guidance of a legal professional regarding your next step. They will inform you about the available legal remedies for your case and give an idea about the amount of compensation you will be able to receive if you decide to pursue the case. 

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