What’s The Right Time To Buy A New Car in Wichita?

So you are planning to further your possessions and invest in a dream car of your choice in Wichita? Congratulations! There are many factors to consider before putting your money into a depreciating asset, such as a car in Wichita.

One of the most significant factors being when is the right time to look for new cars for sale in Wichita to buy?

Top 3 times to purchase a car

Knowing the right timing is easily the most significant factor when buying a car in Wichita, especially when you are likely to spend an average of $47,000!

Well, there certainly are specific months and days in the year which fare better for the customers. Let’s take a look at it!

1. End of the year or month

One of the best times to look to buy a car is the year-end, such as October, November, and December. This mainly includes New Year’s eve.

All the car dealerships have a specific sales quota, bifurcated into monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales goals. All the goals converge late in the year-end.

Many bonus opportunities are available by the end of the month, quarter and year. A dealer or salesperson is primarily looking to achieve their quota; hence they are likely to offer amazing discounts and incentives.

Additionally, keep a close eye on the model year-end. At this time, the newest models of most care are released, especially during fall. You will also notice a lot of press releases about the latest cars and their reviews, indicating their imminent release.

Pro tip: do not buy an older model when the updated version is soon to release. The price difference between the two will not be magnificent, but it will include better gas mileage and other new features. Hence, wait for it!

2. Mondays

Monday blues are a real deal, but they are the best time of the week to browse new cars for sale in Wichita. The primary reason is that most shoppers are unavailable during this busy day, so the sales representatives are attentive to the first person that walks through the door.

You will notice that if you send a mail or call a dealer on a Monday, you will surely garner more attention and perhaps an even better deal than you thought. If the representative has more hand in time, they might throw in an extra incentive like complimentary car washes or free oil changes.

3. Holidays

Holidays sure put everyone in a cheery mood. You will see that the best car deals and discounts are offered around this time.

Some of the best holidays in the year that will earn you good car deals are:

  • President’s day: Consumer activity is on slow down during the first couple of months of the year. Yet, some auto sales manufacturers find the right time to offer the most, especially during Presidents day weekend.
  • July fourth: America’s independence ensures a feeling of freedom and happiness amongst all. Car dealers make the most of this time to entice potential buyers.
  • Black Friday: the craze around Black Friday is irrefutable throughout the retail industry. You may not only get fair offers from the car manufacturers but some more from the salesperson themselves, given how eager they might be to close a deal.

Final words

Owning a car is a big deal and requires a lot of personal research and funds. When you plan to spend your big bucks, ensure you get the most out of your car deal. To do so, start at the right time – Monday, year-end, or the big holidays!

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