Which day is the cheapest to move?

Moving on a weekday—Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday—is cheaper. Because they’re less busy during the week, most moving companies charge less. However, before deciding if cheaper is better, Packers and Movers Dubai, consider your options.

Weekday moving pros


Weekdays offer better moving company rates. Moving during the week may offset the cost of missing work.

Additional moving funds

Many people spend their savings on moving company packing services. With boxes, bubble wrap, and organization, moving is easier. You can focus on the big picture while a professional packing service protects and labels your belongings.


Kids? If you’re staying in town, a weekday move lets you move while the kids are at school. It also helps you avoid nosy neighbors and other distractions. A weekday move can give you more time to unpack and organize before returning to work, depending on the day you choose and how many days you take off.

Utilities faster

Most people start utilities before moving. If you arrive at your new home and find that your gas or electricity isn’t working, calling the utility company during business hours will make it easier to resolve the issue.

Weekday moving drawbacks

Worktime lost

Moving on a weekday means missing at least one day of work, possibly more, depending on the distance. Some people want to take less time off work, or they can’t.

School Absence

During the school year, a weekday move may disrupt a child’s school schedule, especially if they switch schools.

Limited aid

You may need help from friends or family to pack and move to your new home, even though you’re paying a Moving company in Dubai to do some of the packings. Most people will work during the week, so you may need help finding help.

Weekend moving pros

fewer absences

As mentioned, moving on the weekend cuts down on office time. Your job determines the best time to pack up your household, as nearly half of all interstate moves are for work. It ensures your move maintains your workflow and saves your holiday and beach vacation time.

Fewer school absences

Move on a weekend to avoid missing school days. A weekend move allows them to start at their new school on Monday, which may help them adjust.

Less traffic

Moving on the weekend may be easier because you may avoid rush hour traffic. Only sometimes. Due to the large number of people running errands, going to activities, or traveling for vacation on weekends, you’ll want to consider your local conditions.

Weekend moving drawbacks

Movers are busy.

Moving companies are busiest when most people move on weekends, holidays, and summers. Weekend moves cost more but are reasonable. Weekends fill up first, so book them early.

Unpacking faster

Moving over the weekend can help you get back to work on time, but it reduces unpacking time. Some people can ignore the piles of boxes and head to work, but others may get stressed out if they don’t have time to unpack and settle in before returning to work.