Who is at fault in Indiana, according to a police report?

The question often arises when people are injured in Indiana accidents, ” Who is to blame for the accident?” Determining fault becomes even more crucial when people suffer severe injuries, suffer severe financial losses, and suffer emotionally.

So, does a police report identify the responsible party in an accident in Indiana? In Indiana, who decides who is responsible for car accidents? A police report is filed when they arrive at the scene to document the accident. Despite this, police reports don’t always determine who caused a car accident.

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Determine Who Was at Fault for a Crash: Do the Police?

It is up to local law enforcement to report a vehicle accident after one occurs in Indiana, mainly if there were injuries or fatalities. The officer’s understanding of the accident’s fundamental facts is normally described in this report. One or more drivers involved in the collision may receive tickets from the officer.

The problem may seem resolved at this point, but that isn’t always the case. Police consider a driver’s involvement in a criminal traffic infraction before issuing a citation in the wake of an accident. But civil guilt and criminal responsibility are not the same.

In terms of obtaining compensation for your injuries, a police report is not the last word.

You can use details from a police report to support your claims, but you can also present additional proof to prove another driver was at fault for the collision. Depending on the specifics of the crash, you might have received a citation for your behaviour, but the other driver might still be entirely or partially responsible for your injuries.

When Must You Report an Accident in Indiana?

Upon a collision in which someone is hurt or killed, Indiana law stipulates that drivers must call the police. Moreover, if the damage to the property exceeds $1,000, an accident report must be filed. Finally, if you collide with an unattended car and cannot contact the owner, you must report the collision to the authorities.

Legal repercussions may result if an accident is not reported to the police. The state Bureau of Motor Vehicles may suspend your driver’s licence and revoke your car registration if you fail to report an accident within ten days.

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