YouTube Kids – The Latest Technology For Parents and Their Kids

YouTube kids offers the latest technology and features for parents and their kids. Users can now disable the search function while watching videos, while allowing them to see only videos from the YouTube catalog. Users can also set parental control settings, including turning off the search bar, which can lead to inappropriate content. Once the app is live, users can easily change their settings by tapping the lock icon at the top right of the screen. They can also view and share videos from their friends’ channels.

For parents

YouTube Kids offers many ways to customize the content for their children. It offers a search function, which lets you choose from millions of videos for your children. By default, YouTube Kids serves recommended videos, but you can choose to filter out videos that are not kid-friendly. Moreover, parents can create several child profiles, allowing different accounts for each child. This way, parents can set the amount of time their kids can spend watching videos.

YouTube Kids has parental controls. Parents can manage their kids’ accounts and set timers. The settings for YouTube kids include parental controls, the ability to cast videos to other screens, and closed captions. If parents want to restrict a specific video, they can unblock it. However, parents should be aware that the content is not safe for their children. If a child watches too many adult videos, it may lead to problems.

Age-based content

YouTube has an age-based content guide for content creators, although these guidelines are not applicable to parents. It focuses on educational, play, and creativity. The YouTube younger mode is specifically designed for children ages five to seven. Moreover, it provides music, cartoons, and arts and crafts. This feature has been a hit for parents. Its popularity has increased since the launch of YouTube Kids. The website has a large user base, so parents can enjoy their favorite videos on the site.


YouTube Kids has an age-based content filter. A parent can choose to block specific channels and content for their children. The app also has age-based content filters. By choosing this option, YouTube filters videos for preschoolers, and preteens. The content of the channel will be suitable for children, so parents should limit the content of these videos. The website and app will also feature other parental controls, like limiting the amount of time a child can watch videos.


Users can choose from various age-based content settings. The platform will serve videos appropriate for each age group. In addition, parents can choose whether or not their kids can watch a video that contains sexual content or not. These settings can be customized for the website or app. The main interface is accessible through the lock icon on all screens. The user can also disable the search option in order to restrict inappropriate videos. While parents can choose the age-based settings for their kids, parents can still have a look at these options.

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