YouTube Mobile App Review and Download

YouTube has released a new mobile app dubbed YouTube Music. This new app is dedicated to music, with video playlists of songs, suggested tunes, and a dedicated music search tool. The videos on the YouTube website are all music-related, so searches will not return results with non-musical content. The YouTube Music label also highlights fan-made and official videos, so you can quickly find your favorite music. The app also features audio-only videos so you can listen to the song without having to watch it.

Preview option

Users can download videos from YouTube with their phone’s built-in player. The app also comes with editing tools for videos, so users can control how their videos will turn out. There is also a preview option, which can save you time and effort. When you’re finished, you can then share your video or watch it on your TV. The YouTube app syncs all of your devices, so you can watch it anywhere. In addition, the app is available on Android and iPhone.


There are several ways to save and share videos with YouTube. Using the app, you can save videos to your Watch Later list, Favorites, and playlists. These lists can be accessed across different devices, and you can even send the videos to other devices using Android’s share protocol. The app will also keep track of the videos you’ve watched so you can play them on multiple screens. You can even use it to watch YouTube on your TV if you don’t have internet access.


The YouTube app has extensive settings. When you first launch it, the app will prompt you with a download dialog. The download dialog will ask you to choose the quality and size of the videos you’d like to watch. Once you’ve decided on the quality and size of the files, you can select your preferred option in the dialog. After you’ve made your selection, tap the settings button to save your file. After you’ve done this, you can use the settings to change the quality and size of the downloaded video.

Platforms and features

The YouTube app has many platforms and features. The main version of the app is the most common one, and is available for both iOS and Android devices. It can also be used on Xbox One and Xbox 360. For the most part, the YouTube apps let you watch movies and TV shows in high quality. They offer high-quality music. There are also several customization options to customize the YouTube experience. Aside from this, you can choose from a number of video formats to customize the interface.


If you’re a video buff, YouTube has several features to help you organize and share your favorite videos. With the YouTube app, you can create and edit playlists, save videos to watch later, and share them with your friends. You can also view your viewing history across multiple devices with the Android sharing protocol. This app offers a few more unique features. It’s easy to find and browse popular videos. Its special feature is the “TV mode” command.