Zorbing”, a diabolical invention that allows you to reach the next level

If you are adventurous, you like Zorb balls, and hamsters also like spherical balls, so zorb balls, commonly known as human hamster balls, make you happy. It’s an enjoyable sport that will make your dreams come true when you want to walk on water!

A big spherical ball with enough room for you to roll, run, walk and do anything you could ever imagine in it. Zorb balls are trendy for riding the world, specifying, orbiting and challenging for those who have never experienced this.

Zorb Ball: a multi-surface bubble

Zorbing is a sporting activity that is played mainly on grass or snow. A part can also unroll on the water, provided the Bubble has a unique Tizip-type closure. The Zorb Ball then becomes a Double Wall Waterball. It makes it possible to make races among the participants or organize human bowling games. Participants stay between 10 and 15 minutes in this giant Bubble inflated with air.

The Zorb Ball is made from TPU or PVC. PVC is ideal for occasional use and is more sensitive to friction and lousy weather. Conversely, TPU is a much more resistant thermoplastic over time that should be favoured for regular use. This giant ball has a double wall filled with air to protect the player in the event of a fall or bump (Bubble blows). Practical, the Bubble inflates using a simple electric pump.

As with all inflatable games, compliance with safety rules is essential and inflatable bubbles are no exception. Before starting, a safety signal must be established so the person can be taken out of the Zorb Ball whenever they wish. Handles and safety harnesses keep participants in the Bubble and secure their movements. If you decide to organize a race, there will be no need for a harness because the candidate must be able to move around inside like a hamster in its ball!

The Zorb Ball can be personalized very easily. You can pick the size, the variety, the logo print, the number of harnesses or even the quantity of openings on the screen. Generally, the Bubble is 2.5 meters in diameter.

For lovers of duo games, the Zorb Ball also exists in a double-walled cylinder format called Roller Ball. The Zorb Roller Ball has two side openings, a natural variation for tandem games.

Water Ball: for use on water

Water Balls are aquatic bubbles. As with the Zorb Ball, there are Water Ball Bubbles in TPU and PVC. The wall of this aquatic Bubble is thin; its thickness can vary from 0.8 to 1 mm.

To inflate it, use a professional blower from 750w to 1100w. The Water Ball has a waterproof and airtight entrance. The Water Ball does not have a safety harness as the player rides on the water. Easy to set up, the Water Ball is a practical attraction for animating a water playground with a large audience.

You must follow specific safety rules to use this giant inflatable Bubble on the water. Thus, the participant can stay up to 15 minutes inside the Bubble. A safety signal must be established before entering the Water Ball to ensure player comfort. He can thus use it if he wants to go out.

Strictly reserved for aquatic use, the Water Ball is smaller than the Zorb Ball (it measures 2 meters in diameter) and has only one main wall in which the player evolves.

Bubble Foot or Bumper Ball: Football in a bubble

The Bubble Foot bubble is very different from the other two. The participants are partially in the Bubble, unlike the Water Ball and the Zorb Ball. Indeed, Bubble Foot essentially covers the bust of the participants, giving the player freedom of movement to be able to run, move, and pass and above all. Shoot the ball!

Soccer bubbles are inflatable and made from TPU or PVC. However, there is a vast variety of Bubble Foot: colours and design sizes are all points designed to offer an attraction adapted to players. You can find two-tone, fluorescent football bubbles with coloured rubber bands or even luminous ones. They are inflated using an electric pump.

The Bubble Foot contains safety harnesses so that the player is well maintained in the Bubble. He can also find handles there to help him keep his balance. As for the Zorb Balls, the Bubble Foot has double walls filled with air. Acting like actual air cushions, this feature allows players to multiply falls and receive bumps in complete safety.

For greater playing comfort, some Bubble Foot has equipped with windows: a Bubble Foot window. This opening at the level of the participant’s face allows him to have better field visibility, exchange more easily with his teammates, and dramatically improves his comfort. This open space in the Bubble allows the player to play more comfortably. This window is placed at the level of his face. In terms of shape, the Bubble Foot Window remains similar to a classic inflatable football bubble.

Kameymall offers you a massive collection of various zorb balls. These are easy to install, very quickly energize an inflatable playground and open the door to many original and fun activities.

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